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Final Fantasy VII Tips and Tricks for First-Timers

Final Fantasy VII Tips and Tricks for First-Timers

    Last Updated on May 4, 2023

Just because you are a veteran of the original Final Fantasy VII does it mean that the Remake would be a breeze for you. In fact, it is those that have spent the most time with the original game that tend to struggle the most with it. After all, FFVII Remake is much more of an action game rather than the traditional turn-based one.

This revitalized the whole game itself without necessarily pushing away the original’s diehard fans. But with that comes a series of new complexities and gameplay bits that you need to stay vigilant of. With that said, here are some Final Fantasy VII tips and tricks beginners of the game should know.

Always Remember To Upgrade Your Weapons

Unlike the original game, FFVII Remake only has a few weapons your party can equip. Cloud’s starting Buster Sword could serve you just as well as any other weapon throughout the whole game. FFVII Remake’s weapons systems make it so that each weapon also gains skill points with every enemy encounter.

This is what you would then use to upgrade them and make them more powerful. Perhaps improving critical hits or bumping up your total HP pool.

Be sure to visit the weapons upgrade menu at least every hour to make sure that your weapons are always in tip-top shape. This part of the game is so vital that you’d almost always see this in every tips and tricks guide such as this.

Be Sure To Equip The Assess Materia

We understand that materia slots are limited. You want to make the most of it by equipping magic attacks or status buffers. However, you should also consider dedicating at least one of them to support materia. And if you would choose which one, we recommend you go for the Assess Materia.

This allows you to ‘assess’ the enemies in front of you, letting you know their weaknesses, strengths, and overall health. This information is indispensable, especially for a first-time player. 

Take Rests on Benches and Buy Healing Items

FFVII Remake does not use traditional save points. Instead, it has several benches to which you can rest to make sure you progress through the game much smoother. Getting a breather on said benches heals your party to the max.

Furthermore, benches always have a vending machine beside them that allows you to buy healing items. So, whenever you see a bench, be sure to rest on it. And while you’re at it, buy yourself a potion or two as well.

It is worth noting that playing on Hard Mode effectively disables the game’s items feature. This makes benches all the more crucial, as it is the only way to make sure your party is at its best for the next encounter.

Practice Switching Characters Early

Final Fantasy VII Tips Aerith

FFVII Remake’s battle system practically requires you to get a good grasp of every controllable character to best its toughest encounters. In every battle, you can freely switch to other party members and control them instead of just Cloud. It is worth noting that there will be certain situations where controlling a specific character would be the best approach. For instance, Barret is best used when dealing with flying enemies while Aerith should be your go-to for magic-sensitive ones.

With that said, it’s best that you learn to switch between characters and master their abilities early. Do not hesitate to use low-pressure battles solely for practicing such.

There Is No Shame Playing In ‘Classic’ Mode

Square Enix tried to appease the original’s fans by including a ‘Classic’ Mode in FFVII Remake. In this mode, you wouldn’t have to press too many buttons, unlike the regular difficulty. It is named Classic because it makes you feel as if you are playing the classic Final Fantasy games. Everything will stop whenever you choose a command and encounters will be more manageable. 

This is the go-to mode for the fans of the original that want to feel as if the game is still turn-based. Moreover, this is also the perfect difficulty for first-timers as it gives them plenty of time to experiment and give the game’s several systems a try before bumping up the challenge.

Keep these Final Fantasy VII tips and tricks in mind. As long as you follow them, you’d practically be ensuring yourself a more manageable and lovely time with the game. For more helpful guides and everything gaming-related, make sure you visit our website and follow our respective socials.

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