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Final Fantasy Crisis Core Goddess Materia Locations: Your Ultimate Guide

Final Fantasy Crisis Core Goddess Materia Locations: Your Ultimate Guide

    Last Updated on July 1, 2023

If you’re an avid fan of the beloved Final Fantasy series and currently engrossed in the exhilarating tenth chapter of Crisis Core Reunion, you’re undoubtedly on a thrilling quest to locate the elusive Goddess Materia. These extraordinary items take center stage in this particular segment of the game as they hold the key to unlocking the door that leads to the final boss encounter. Thus, making them of utmost importance. But where exactly can you find these treasures in the newly-remastered Crisis Core game? Here is our ultimate guide to the Final Fantasy Crisis Core Goddess Materia Locations.

What is the Goddess Materia?

The Goddess Materia holds a distinct significance in the concluding section of Crisis Core Reunion. Upon exploring beneath Banora Village, you will come across a gate referred to as the Portal of Severance. This portal will require you to collect the seven individual Goddess Materia objects. Subsequently, these items need to be arranged on the altar located in the Howling Fang vicinity, leading to the opening of a massive door. To obtain these items, you can search for chests within the ancient ruins beneath Banora Village.

Goddess Materia Locations

The search for the Crisis Core Goddess Materia takes you to two primary areas. First is the Depths of Judgment and then the other, the Lake of Oblivion. These regions hold hidden locations where you can discover these crucial items. They are scattered throughout various points, waiting to be found by determined players seeking the ultimate challenge.

Final Fantasy Crisis Core Goddess Materia Locations: Depths of Judgement

Let’s delve deeper into the specific locations of the Goddess Materia within each area. Here is where you can find all seven Goddess Materia in both areas mentioned above:

Goddess Materia Locations in the Depths of Judgment:

  • Light Materia. As you venture into the Depths of Judgment, a labyrinthine underground complex, keep a keen eye on the left side of the map. After traversing a short distance into the area, you’ll come across a container amidst the shadows. This container holds the coveted Crisis Core Goddess Materia, the Light Materia.
  • Heaven Materia. Once you’ve secured the Light Materia, proceed towards a sandy beach-like expanse within the Depths of Judgment. Along this beautiful shoreline is a path going up. Ascend this path diligently, and you’ll soon stumble upon another concealed container. This contains the Heaven Materia—a manifestation of celestial power and grace.
  • Ground Materia. With the Heaven Materia now in your possession, it’s time to retrace your steps back to the sandy beach. However, this time, divert your course toward the left side. There you will see an entrance to a small tunnel. Go through this subterranean passage until you emerge onto the other side. There lies the Ground Materia, resonating with the essence of the earth itself.
  • Star Materia. After procuring the Ground Materia, retrace your steps through the tunnel once again. Ascend to the upper reaches of the Depths of Judgment, where the path takes an enticing U-turn. It is at the end of this long, winding path that the Star Materia is located. It is a testament to the cosmic forces that shape the realm you inhabit.

Goddess Materia Locations in the Lake of Oblivion:

  • Life Materia. Now we proceed to the Lake of Oblivion—a place shrouded in mystery and solitude. Upon entering this ethereal landscape, look to the right, and you’ll spot a container discreetly tucked away. This container holds the Crisis Core Goddess Materia, Life Materia, a source of vitality and rejuvenation in the face of impending challenges.
  • Being Materia. With the Life Materia in your possession, navigate the left side of the Lake of Oblivion. Soon enough, you’d see a hidden path. Traverse this winding trail until you encounter another container strategically placed along the way. Inside this container lies the Being Materia, a testament to the essence of existence itself, tempting you to grasp its profound power.
  • Sabbath Materia. Stay the course, following the same path that led you to the Being Materia. Do so until you reach the final piece of the celestial puzzle. Located within one of the corners to your right, concealed within a container just like the previous ones, rests the Sabbath Materia—a manifestation of profound spiritual energy, promising to unlock the depths of your potential.

In your arduous journey through Crisis Core Reunion, you will ultimately collect a total of seven Goddess Materia, each one possessing immense significance in your quest to unveil the secrets of the game’s story as well as overcome the final challenges that lie ahead.

What to Do with the Goddess Materia

Once you have successfully gathered all the Crisis Core Goddess Materia, it is time to return to the Portal of Severance—a sacred place that serves as the nexus between worlds. Here, you will encounter a magnificent pedestal. Insert each of the precious Materia into the receptacles adorning the pedestal and wait for it to do its magic. 

What to Do with the Goddess Materia: Boss

Soon enough, the once-sealed door before you should swing open, thus, revealing a path to a climactic encounter with a fearsome mini-boss. After it, however, is the ultimate final boss—an entity shrouded in darkness, whose defeat will mark the culmination of your heroic journey.

As you prepare to face these formidable trials, it is vital to ensure that you are fully equipped and well-prepared. Moreover, stock up on potent restorative items, hone your combat skills, and delve into the depths of your abilities, for the battles that lie ahead are nothing short of legendary.


Armed with this comprehensive guide to the “Final Fantasy Crisis Core Goddess Materia locations,” you are now ready to navigate the intricate web of challenges and rewards that await you in Crisis Core Reunion. Embrace the journey, cherish the memories, and may fortune favor the brave in this amazing Final Fantasy spin-off game. Should you have any further inquiries or wish to share your experiences, please don’t hesitate to do so in the comments section below. Remember, fellow adventurers are always ready to offer guidance as well as support.

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