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Final Fantasy 16 Tips & Tricks

Final Fantasy 16 Tips & Tricks

    Last Updated on June 23, 2023

Final Fantasy 16 is finally here, taking the Final Fantasy series to a new, brighter age! I personally found it very fun to play, perhaps the best game I’ve played this year. Apart from the trademark great storytelling of Square Enix, I loved Final Fantasy 16 for its truly superb combat. Final Fantasy as an action RPG never looked this great. However, I have to admit that it sometimes can get quite tough. I cannot really blame anyone who may struggle with this game’s combat, as perfect as it may be for me. That said, as someone who has already poured hours and hours into the game to master its combat, I can certainly help by providing you with various Final Fantasy 16 tips and tricks. And with that, here is a list of Final Fantasy 16 tips and tricks that should get you over the hump.

Utilize the Hall of Virtue for Training Purposes

Final Fantasy 16 Tips & Tricks Hall of Virtue

If you encounter difficulties with a particular type of enemy, make your way to the Arete Stone located in your Hideaway hub and enter the Hall of Virtue. This area allows you to select any enemy you have previously encountered and engage in combat practice. You have various options available to tailor your experience. This includes enabling specific data points, such as indicators for utilizing a Magic Burst in your combo, and more. Additionally, you can adjust the behavior of the enemy, ranging from regular combat to disabling all moves and movement, essentially turning them into a stationary target for you to attack. The Hall of Virtue is there for a reason, so don’t be shy to use it from time to time. And speaking of not being shy about using something…

Don’t Be Shy To use the Timely Accessories

Let’s get things straight, you never have to be shy about using anything if it makes the game more fun or accessible for you. This includes the game’s Timely Accessories feature. Creative Business Unit III, the ones responsible for the game’s combat, made sure to make the game as beginner friendly as possible while also keeping it deep enough for Action RPG veterans. They did this by providing newbies with Final Fantasy 16’s Timely Accessories. 

There are a total of five rings available, and you have the option to equip up to three of them simultaneously. These rings can be utilized right from the beginning of the game, regardless of whether you choose the easier Story-Focused Mode or the more challenging Action-Focused Mode (in Story-Focused Mode, the accessories are automatically equipped).

Here are the functions of each ring:

  1. Ring of Timely Evasion. When equipped, Clive will automatically evade the majority of enemy attacks.
  2. Ring of Timely Strikes. With this ring equipped, Clive can execute advanced combos effortlessly by simply pressing the Square button. The remaining actions are handled automatically.
  3. Ring of Timely Assistance. When this ring is worn, Clive’s companion dog, Torgal, will autonomously engage in battle, attacking enemies and providing healing assistance without requiring your input.
  4. Ring of Timely Focus. By wearing this ring, time will slow down automatically when Clive is under attack. This allows you to easily dodge incoming strikes by pressing the R1 button.
  5. Ring of Timely Healing. When this ring is active, Clive will be healed automatically once his health drops to a specific threshold.

In all honesty, all Final Fantasy 16 tips articles should have this as one of their entrants. So many people shy away from using accessibility items such as this when they have no reason to do so.

Experiment with Different Eikon Configurations

As you progress in FFXVI, Clive will acquire new Eikons to utilize. Each Eikon brings forth a unique special ability (linked to the Circle button) and two slots for additional Eikonic abilities specific to that Eikon. For instance, the Phoenix Eikon, unlocked from the beginning, grants a fiery teleportation ability. This allows Clive to rapidly shift forward in a chosen direction upon pressing Circle. Furthermore, by pressing R2 + Square or R2 + Triangle, you can employ two distinct moves exclusive to Phoenix, each with a cooldown timer.

Final Fantasy 16 Tips & Tricks Eikon Abilities

With the introduction of each Eikon, you gain a new Circle ability and two additional R2 abilities (which can be expanded using Ability Points). Given the variations and interactions between them, it is crucial to experiment with these abilities. Try out different combinations, observe how certain moves synergize when used before or after other abilities, and ultimately determine the most effective approach for your playstyle. 

Master Your Preferred Eikonic Abilities

Once you unlock an Eikonic ability, you can enhance it by investing more Ability Points. Furthermore, after upgrading it, you have the option to “Master” it. This step is significant because mastering an ability not only increases its power but also allows you to utilize it in conjunction with different Eikons. For example, if you master one of Garuda’s abilities, you can equip the Bahamut Eikon and attach the Garuda ability to it, eliminating the need to reserve one of your three Eikonic slots for Garuda. By mastering abilities, you unlock more possibilities for combining and customizing Eikonic abilities, granting you greater flexibility in combat.

Utilize the Limit Break for Offensive and Defensive Strategies

This is perhaps one of the Final Fantasy 16 tips that most ignore. So, do not be one of them. During challenging battles in FFXVI, you may exhaust all your healing resources like potions and elixirs. However, there will be occasions when even those are insufficient. Luckily, Clive possesses the Limit Break ability, which becomes available during a specific story mission. By pressing L3 + R3, Clive activates the Limit Break, enhancing his attack power and speed while simultaneously healing himself. The amount of healing Clive receives increases with the damage he inflicts. Therefore, when in need of a quick heal, remember to utilize the Limit Break.

Prioritize the Stagger Bar

Smaller enemies in FFXVI do not possess stagger bars, so you can relentlessly attack them until they go down. On the other hand, larger enemies, including minibosses and bosses, have stagger bars. When you successfully stagger an enemy, they become vulnerable for approximately 10 to 20 seconds, enabling you to unleash various combos and attacks. It is during this vulnerable state that you can inflict the most damage, as enemies also take increased damage while staggered. 

Final Fantasy 16 Tips & Tricks Stagger

Hence, it is crucial to focus on depleting the stagger bar rather than solely relying on depleting the health bar. Clive’s specific combos and Eikonic abilities are designed with this in mind. Each Eikonic ability is rated with stars (out of five), indicating its effectiveness in damaging enemies and depleting the stagger bar. Remember this when selecting abilities and ensure you have a few that are particularly effective in targeting the stagger bar.

Choose Accessories Based on Your Preferences

As you progress in Final Fantasy XVI, you will come across numerous accessories, each with its own benefits. However, the choice of accessories ultimately depends on your personal preference. Some accessories decrease the cooldown times of specific Eikonic abilities, while others enhance the damage output of certain abilities. Conversely, some accessories provide more general benefits, such as my personal favorite, which increases combo damage by 5%. Instead of solely focusing on accessories with significant boosts, opt for those that align with your preferred playstyle.

For instance, if you heavily rely on performing abilities rather than extensive combos, an accessory that enhances your ability’s damage output may be more suitable. There are accessories that increase the amount of Gil (currency) earned in combat, as well as those that boost experience gained. If you require additional gil or intend to level up significantly for New Game+, consider switching to these accessories accordingly.

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