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Fighting-Type Pokemon Weaknesses: A Comprehensive Guide

Fighting-Type Pokemon Weaknesses: A Comprehensive Guide

    Last Updated on May 27, 2023

If you’re a fan of Pokemon and you’re figuring out what are the Fighting-Type Pokemon Weaknesses, look no further. Fighting-Type Pokemon are the brawny creatures of the universe and they excel in hand-to-hand combat. However, they are not immune to having a weakness.

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In this guide, we will delve into the Fighting-Type Pokemon Weaknesses and explore strategies to overcome them. Understanding these weaknesses will help players develop effective battle strategies and come out victorious against their opponents.

Fighting-Type Pokemon Weaknesses

An image of Hitmonlee, a Fighting-Type Pokemon

Fighting-Type Pokemon have three weaknesses: Psychic-Type, Flying-Type, and Fairy-Type moves. Any of the three types mentioned are deadly to face. If you bring out your fighting type and you see any of these types, you should think fast.

Psychic-Type moves are super effective against Fighting-Types, making them a formidable counter. Their mental prowess allows them to exploit the weaknesses of Fighting-Type Pokemon and deal significant damage. Trainers should exercise caution when facing Psychic-Type opponents and consider using alternative strategies.

Flying-Type Pokemon are also a major concern for Fighting-Types. Flying-Type moves have a natural advantage against Fighting-Types, dealing double damage. Additionally, Flying-Types are naturally fast so it is easy for them to outspeed you. Trainers should devise strategies that neutralize or exploit the weaknesses of Flying-Types, such as using Electric or Rock-Type moves to gain an advantage.

Another weakness is the Fairy-Type, which is super effective against Fighting-Types. Fairy-Type moves can substantially damage Fighting-Types and make them easier to defeat. Trainers should be cautious when facing Fairy-Type opponents and consider using alternative Pokemon or movesets that exploit their weaknesses.

Fighting-Type Pokemon Resistances

Thankfully, there are only three weaknesses when it comes to Fighting-Types. However, its resistances are also the same number which is three. Its resistances are Bug, Rock, and Dark-type Moves. While its resistances are not easy to guess, they are true and you should know about them.

Bug-Type moves only deal half damage when it hits a Fighting-Type Pokemon. You can see this in the text prompt, it is not very effective. My guess as to why this is the case is that a brawler can easily squash a bug. So maybe it can shrug off a bug’s attack too. However, fighting-type moves are also ineffective to Bug-Types.

In addition, another resistance for our brawny creatures is Rock-Type moves. It is easy to see why it resists rock because any fighter worth it’s salt can easily crush boulders. If you think about it realistically, a Fighting-Type Pokemon’s strength is otherworldly so a mere rock cannot faze it.

Lastly, the third resistance of these Pokemon is Dark-Type moves. It seems that our fighters have no problem dealing with deceitful creatures. Fighting-Type Pokemon easily shrugs off any Dark attack so you do not need to worry about them.

Overcoming Weaknesses

While Fighting-Type Pokemon have their share of weaknesses, trainers can employ various strategies to overcome them and turn the tide of battle. One approach is to have a well-rounded team with diverse types that can cover your Fighting Type’s weak points. For example, having an Electric-type or Ghost-type Pokemon can easily swat off those who will counter you.

Another tactic is to exploit the weaknesses of the opposing Pokemon. This works similarly with having a well-rounded team that has a ton of coverage. If your opponent throws out a Flying Type in your way, simply use Thunderpunch to knock it out.

Now that you know all about the Fighting-Type Pokemon Weaknesses, you will have an easier time building your team. Make sure to have enough coverage to cover your Pokemon’s weaknesses to win your battles easier.

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