Fade Valorant: Tips and Tricks

Fade Valorant: Tips and Tricks

    Last Updated on March 29, 2023

Fade Valorant brings unique abilities that set her apart from the rest of the Initiator class. With her abilities, she can spot enemies, weaken their vision, and disorient them for easy pickoffs. Here are some tips and tricks to help you master Fade’s abilities in Valorant.

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Haunt (E Ability)

Fade Ability Haunt

Haunt is Fade’s signature ability and the key to gathering information for your team. When activated, she throws out a watcher ball that activates when it reaches the ground. Once the watcher activates, it reveals enemies within its line of sight they will become marked with a Terror Trail. 

A Terror Trail pings the location of enemies, revealing enemies to Fade’s team. The enemy’s position can also be seen through walls. While the eye only lasts for 2 seconds, enemies spotted by the Terror Trail will have their trails attached for 12 seconds. This gives plenty of time for you to reach the enemy and catch them by surprise by 

To make the most of Haunt, it’s important to learn how to use it strategically. For example, you can throw the watcher ball into a room before entering it to see if any enemies are hiding. 

You can also use Haunt to cover your team’s flank or to identify the location of enemies who are holding a tight angle. When using Haunt, be sure to communicate with your team and call out the number of enemies you have spotted.

Prowler (C Ability)

Fade Valorant Ability Prowler

Prowler is a versatile ability that you can use in a variety of situations. When activated, it sends a creature that moves quickly toward the first enemy it sees, inflicting them with nearsightedness. 

The Prowler’s speed increases when it spots an enemy that is marked by a Terror Trail. You can use Prowler to check a choke point, create a distraction, or pin down an enemy.

To use Prowler effectively, you need to be able to predict your enemies’ movements. For example, if you know that an enemy is hiding in a corner, you can send the Prowler to that location to flush them out. 

You can also use Prowler to force enemies out of cover or to push them into a position where you can take them out more easily. When using Prowler, be sure to communicate with your team and coordinate your attacks.

Seize (Q Ability)

Fade Ability Seize

Seize is Fade’s crowd control ability that you can use to trap enemies in a specific location. When activated, it sends out a wave from its initial landing radius that inflicts enemies with Decay, a debuff that reduces their maximum health. When the wave reaches its maximum travel distance, it will tether the enemies in its zone.

Seize is an excellent ability to use in combination with Haunt or Prowler. For example, you can use Haunt to spot enemies and mark them with a Terror Trail, then use Seize to trap them in a specific location. 

You can also use Prowler to weaken an enemy’s vision and then use Seize to trap them in a location where they can’t see you coming. When using Seize, be sure to communicate with your team and coordinate your attacks.

Nightfall (Ultimate Ability)

Fade Valorant Ultimate

Nightfall is Fade’s ultimate ability that combines the best utility gathered across her abilities. When activated, it sends out a wave of nightmares that inflicts enemies with Decay and marks them with a Terror Trail. Any enemies caught by her ultimate will also be deafened and decayed. Enemies affected by Nightfall are extremely disadvantaged to take a duel head-on.

The decay from Nightfall is a lot stronger than Seize and will take longer to recover fully. Similar to Haunt, Nightfall can create Terror Trails and Fade will call out in Valorant how many enemies she has caught in her nightmares as well.

With Nightfall, you can utilize the full capabilities of Fade’s kit. It synergizes well with all of her abilities. Even further alongside Prowler or Seize to ensure that the enemy is also debuffed with nearsightedness or tethered to a single location. 

Her ultimate is well-suited to initiating the attack or retake onto an enemy site. It covers a wide range, so make sure that the whole site gets covered by your ultimate before activating it.

With the combination of all of these debuffs and tracking tools, Fade can create chaos for the enemy team in Valorant allowing easy initiations to objectives, corners, and other areas. Fade is one of the top-tier initiators in the game. You just have to play her properly to maximize her capabilities. 

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