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Exploring the Core Witch Doctor Dota 2 Strategy

Exploring the Core Witch Doctor Dota 2 Strategy

    Last Updated on July 21, 2023

In the realm of competitive video games, longevity and tactical prowess are crucial to victory. Within the popular MOBA game Dota 2, the Core Witch Doctor strategy has emerged as a fascinating and interesting approach, focusing on sustaining and outlasting enemies. In this analysis, we will delve deeper into the history, strengths, and challenges of the Core Witch Doctor strategy. Additionally, we intend to explore the various counter options available to thwart its effectiveness.

Core Witch Doctor: History and Concept

The birth of the Core Witch Doctor strategy in Dota 2 can be traced back to patch 7.32, which marked a significant departure from the normal role of this hero. While Witch Doctor was primarily regarded as a support hero, the concept of using him as a core hero started to gain momentum towards the end of the patch’s lifespan.

The strategy gained attention when Dendi, a popular Dota 2 player and the founder of B8 Esports, showcased its effectiveness in competitive matches. The foundation of this strategy lies in the symbiotic relationship between Witch Doctor and an Io support. In a departure from Witch Doctor’s traditional position 5 support role, he assumes the mantle of an offlaner. Thus, forming a powerful duo with the position 4 Io.

Witch Doctor Plus IO

The unity of the Witch Doctor and Io offers several advantages. Io’s Tether ability ensures a constant stream of healing and sustain for Witch Doctor. It practically gives him an almost boundless health pool! This empowerment enables Witch Doctor to remain engaged in longer team fights. It allows the hero to execute aggressive plays without the fear of resource depletion. The combination of Witch Doctor’s strong spells, such as Paralyzing Cask, Voodoo Restoration, and Death Ward, along with Io’s supportive skills, creates a lethal synergy capable of dominating enemies in team engagements.

One of the core strengths of the strategy lies in its adaptability to counter specific enemy lineups. It excels against foes that lack burst damage, as Io’s healing counters gradual damage. In such cases, the Core Witch Doctor can become an excellent presence on the field, continuously healing and boosting his team’s defenses.

The Vulnerabilities of the Unconventional Approach

However, this strategy is not without its weakness. Lineups that focus on burst damage can swiftly take down the Core Witch Doctor before Io’s healing effects take full effect. Furthermore, anti-regeneration systems, like Spirit Vessel or skills such as Ancient Apparition’s Ice Blast, can significantly hinder the effectiveness of Io’s sustained healing.

To counter the Core Witch Doctor strategy, astute enemies often prioritize taking down Io first. While Witch Doctor gains considerable survivability from Io’s presence, he becomes notably more vulnerable when left without constant support. By turning their attention on Io, enemies can disrupt the healing synergy between the two heroes and end the sustained advantage provided by the strategy.

While the Core Witch Doctor strategy appears strong, it does have its limits. Burst damage remains a clear counter, posing a significant threat to the sustain-focused approach. Additionally, foes can employ anti-regeneration items like Spirit Vessel, Skadi, or Shiva’s Guard to hamper the healing potential. The elimination of Io becomes important, as Witch Doctor alone is far more susceptible without constant support.

The Irritating Breed of Sustain

Witch Doctor Dota 2 Sustain

With the introduction of the New Frontiers patch, new items have become available to further enhance the Core Witch Doctor strategy. Of note is the Eternal Shroud, which underwent changes in this patch. It gives Witch Doctor spell damage resistance, including against pure damage spells. This change brings new layers of survivability to Witch Doctor. This makes him even more formidable in the midst of intense team battles. However, players must exercise caution to avoid overextension without adequate backup, as reckless play can still lead to defeat.

Adapting Strategies in Dota 2

Dota 2 stands as a dynamic and ever-evolving game that demands flexibility in gameplay approaches. While the Core Witch Doctor strategy boasts undeniable merits, exploring alternative strategies may prove more effective in varying situations. Understanding the enemy lineup and context becomes paramount in selecting the optimal approach. Victory lies in adapting to the ever-changing landscape of Dota 2, embracing creativity, and being open to innovation.


The Core Witch Doctor strategy in Dota 2 offers a compelling and potent approach to sustaining and outlasting enemies. It exemplifies the immense power of healing and underscores the importance of distractions and longevity in the realm of competitive gaming. However, like any strategy, it requires careful execution and weakness examination. As dedicated gamers, we must continually explore the vast depths of the game, experiment with different strategies, and adapt our playstyles to navigate the ever-evolving Dota 2 meta. By doing so, we can unlock new possibilities and secure victories in this unpredictable game.

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