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Dragon Type Weaknesses and Resistances in Pokemon Battles

Dragon Type Weaknesses and Resistances in Pokemon Battles

    Last Updated on May 29, 2023

While they are known for their majestic and powerful nature, there are still Dragon Type weaknesses and resistances. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into all about Dragon Type weaknesses and resistances.

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This guide will equip trainers with the knowledge needed to succeed in battles. Through understanding these aspects, trainers can exploit the vulnerabilities of Dragon types and forge a path to victory. Without further ado, let’s start learning all about the Dragon Type Weaknesses and Resistances.

Dragon Type Weaknesses

An image of Fairy Type, Togekiss, one of the Dragon Type Weaknesses

During the early days of the franchise, the Dragons were the cream of the crop and they only had two weaknesses. It was hard countering them before was not an easy task. Thankfully, Game Freak did something to help you counter them.

In total, there are three Dragon Type Weaknesses namely Ice, Fairy, and Dragon. Ice-type moves are exceptionally effective against Dragon types, exploiting their susceptibility to chilly attacks. Trainers who utilize Ice-type Pokemon or powerful Ice-type moves can seize the advantage and deal significant damage to Dragon types.

Similarly, Fairy-type moves can prove effective for Dragon types. The magical powers of Fairy-type moves can easily wreak havoc on Dragon types. In fact, Fairy types are the natural counters to Dragons because they are immune to dragon-type attacks. Fairy types are the worst Dragon Type Weaknesses.

Furthermore, Dragon types are also susceptible to the fierce attacks of their own kind. Dragon-type moves are super effective against Dragon types, emphasizing their vulnerability within their own ranks. Since this is the case, the battles between Dragons may rely on who is the faster out of the two.

Type Resistances

Despite their weaknesses, Dragon-type Resistances were once too overpowered. Dragon types exhibit resistance to Electric, Grass, Water, and Fire-type moves. Thanks to its resistance, it reduces the damage to half when inflicted by attacks of these types. This resilience allows Dragon types to withstand the onslaught of these elemental assaults and maintain a solid defense during battles.

Now you can see why they were called the overpowered bunch of the Pokemon franchise. They do not have many resistances but the types they resist are some of the best types out there. While they are still powerful, they are a little easier to counter nowadays.

Understanding the weaknesses and resistances of Dragon-type Pokémon is crucial for trainers seeking victory in Pokemon battles. All of the Dragon Type Weaknesses present opportunities for opponents to exploit and gain the upper hand.

Conversely, the resistance to Electric, Grass, Water, Fire, and Bug-type moves provides Dragon types with advantages in battles against certain opponents. By arming yourself with this knowledge, you can develop effective strategies to further boost your case of winning the battle.

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