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Dota 2 Rubick – How to Play Support in 7.32e

Dota 2 Rubick – How to Play Support in 7.32e

    Last Updated on April 2, 2023

The Support role in Dota 2 is a wonderful experience that isn’t for everyone— especially Dota 2 Rubick. It permits movements outside of farming and wave-clear to gain advantages for the team. The unsung work of these players enables the potential of their team, to secure victory. 

In recent patches, Dota 2 provides more opportunities for support roles by cheapening their popular items. It has come to a point where they can focus on things that matter without ruining their games.

Rubick is a support unlike any other for the strangest of mechanics. Because Dota heroes have gimmicks, Rubick’s is the ability to steal spells. It’s no thanks to Rubick that the developers have a can of bugs to fix each update. 

There is a niche interest in Rubick, but he is useful no matter what position he’s in. His popular role in Dota 2 is Support, he already provides so much with little gold. How do we play Rubick in the support role?

Support Rubick Skill Choices

The first thing you learn as Rubick is the value of his third ability, Arcane Supremacy. It highlights his secondary gimmick as being a “better” spellcaster among others. Providing spell amplification and cast range, it surprises you how far you can cast spells from. 

For the other spells, Telekinesis is a good instant disable, and Face Bolt is Rubick’s damage source. With rather incomplete basic spells, it makes sense that his ultimate compensates for this.

The convention builds skill build for Rubick is 1-3-1-1 at level 6, maximizing the damage to Fade Bolt. Arcane Supremacy is the next thing to max out, due to its effectiveness, with Telekinesis maxed out last. 

Taking Fade Bolt at level 1 is the way to go, for early harassment and easy picks on ranged creeps. You do not want to get Telekinesis at level 1, as it griefs your laning phase and robs you of harassing potential. Take all your skill levels before going into your talents.

Dota 2 Rubick Talent Tree

Image of Dota 2 Rubick Talent Tree

Rubick’s talents inspire a lot of powerful bonuses at the right levels. His talent choices bolster his basic and, for the right reasons, stolen spells. These spells are core to Rubick as a hero, so it makes sense to have them in his talents. 

In a game where the enemy spells are strong, you are better off picking stolen talents. A stolen spell talent can increase your effectiveness without having to do anything but wait. 

His level 10 talents are okay, but the left one offers more utility than the right. The landing damage doesn’t apply to the target, but the damage reduction affects all targets. For 15, it must be the CDR for stolen spells, and it’s not even close. 

For 20 and 25, it’s a matter of what your team needs your Rubick gameplay to be. Telekinesis talents are when your lifts require upgrading and the other talents for when the team needs damage.

To cap off, his Aghanim upgrades are stellar and you should buy them. His shard allows him to lift allies and himself, working as a save mechanism. Paired with later Telekinesis talents, it becomes a more valuable purchase. 

His scepter makes him steal two spells. Keep in mind that getting Scepter and Shard will upgrade stolen spells. No matter what, Dota 2 Rubick is a great hero to have on your team. Keep these in mind, and you’ll be stealing wins left and right.

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