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Dota 2 Positions Gold Priority

Dota 2 Positions Gold Priority

    Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Gold governs the Dota 2 positions. It also includes experience and map control. If your team is unrivaled in these three areas, you can win the game. Teams that understand the dynamics of the heroes in the game also run ahead. Game knowledge and experience dictate how the top-skill teams edge out each other in competition. Even better is if a team is aware of its own strengths and the opponents’.

In present Dota games, players see the value of gold priority unlike before. Gold priority refers to the order by which heroes can get gold for themselves. Last hits are the main way to gather resources in Dota, and priority is determined by roles. 

If you are a Core, you get more gold, as a support you make way for the cores to get gold. Priorities for gold can shift as the game goes on, and even supports get on top sometimes.

The Starting Priorities of Dota 2 Positions

To figure out the gold priority, we need to return to the 5 roles of Dota 2. Position 1 gets the highest priority throughout the game, and 5 gets the least. It serves as a rough game plan that can place a team in a winning position. 

Supports have the job of making sure the 1 gets as much farm as they can win the game. Carries have the responsibility of making sure they don’t give away their lives and keep farming.  After all, this is how gold priority works for Dota 2 positions.

Once a carry gathers enough items to be strong, they can proceed to take fights. There is a nuance in knowing when to fight or farm as a carry. The rule of thumb is to take fights if the team starts it and if they are near. 

It is also important to note to not go out of your way to fight while your Carry is weak. The rest of the team’s job is creating space and gaining map control. More control dictates more farming, which can lead to better chances of winning.

Shifting Priorities for Dota 2 Positions

Image of Dota 2 Gold Aegis

A carry can only farm so much before they reach peak effectiveness. What then? Gold’s priority starts to shift toward other Dota 2 positions. An important item on another hero is worth changing the gold priority for. BKBs or Aghs purchases for other cores or supports are among the reasonable things to give them more farming priority.

As a support or non-carry core, place importance on your item choices. Look towards the opponent lineup and ask yourself what items you should get. Whether it’s defense or damage, each item needs to work toward the team’s victory. Having an open mind and ear is good, your teammates can give you recommendations.

Awareness and Conclusion

Do your best not to be critical of decisions that force shifting farm priority. Winning a game of Dota 2 means working together as a team. It also involves enabling your teammates to be their most effective in a game. 

By giving opportunities to everyone at a crucial time, you can see your wins go up. Being considerate wins games, but being firm also wins games. Try not to overthink farming priorities, and the Dota 2 positions on your team will do fine.

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