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Dota 2 Neutral Items Tier List

Dota 2 Neutral Items Tier List

    Last Updated on March 25, 2023

There are tons of Dota 2 neutral items that Valve decided to separate them into tiers. Now, there are a total of five tiers for neutral items. We’re here to list them all down and talk about the advantages of each tier.

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Tier 1 Dota 2 Neutral Items

Image of Tier 1 Dota 2 Neutral Items

Let’s begin the list at 7 minutes with the Tier 1 neutral items. Now they come during the decay of the laning stage, and their arrival is a boon for the players. Most give minor bonuses, but some others offer indispensable benefits. There is no bad item among them, as the simple things often mean the most. Heroes can make do with a tier 1 item well into the midgame.

The rule of thumb is to use the shovel when it comes up. Have an ally use the shovel on the off chance it drops bounty runes. Consumables are welcome because they are shareable between allies. Another rule is to give the Pig Pole to the Primal Beast—just give it a little “Pig Trample” in the demo.

Tier 2 Neutral Items

Image of Tier 2 Neutral Items

At 17 minutes, we get access to the “whelming” Tier 2 items. Here we see more items that heroes can use until the end of the game. We call it whelming because they seem alright for the purpose they serve. Be it stats, magic or physical resistance, range, damage, or movement, it’s designed to be perfectly normal.

The rule of thumb is to toss around the Philosopher’s Stone to whoever needs it. The economy is key in Dota, and getting someone to an item is important. Another thing is giving Grove Bow to either a ranged carry like Drow Ranger, or a magic damage midlaner like Ember Spirit.

Tier 3 Neutral Items

Image of Tier 3 Neutral Items

Tier 3 items cook up at the 27-minute mark, and they represent a halfway point. It is in this tier that items provide a lot of direct damage boost, while also leaning towards utility. A Dota game starts to become different at around 30 minutes, thus the neutrals reflect that change. This tier will be the last time you’ll see a normal game of Dota.

The rule of thumb is to not forget that Psychic Headband has an active. Apart from the cast range bonus, it allows the holder to push an enemy away from them. Another rule is to give the Mind Breaker to the initiating hero. The on-hit silence is enough to secure a pickoff at this stage of the game.

Tier 4 Dota 2 Neutral Items

Image of Tier 4 Dota 2 Neutral Items

Upon reaching 37 minutes, we see the presence of the utility-centric Tier 4 items. Unlike the previous tiers, the 4s are much more defensive and strategic in their purpose. The 3s and 2s focused on amassing power and critical mass, but the 4s don’t want any of that. Tier 4 items want you to keep your advantage, and gain even more. Lucky tier 4s means a slope towards a win before the real hell begins.

The rule of thumb is to please use the Flicker and the Stormcrafter. These items are dispel items, which can help in tricky situations like silences and slows. Another rule is to give the Ninja Gear to the Doom if they are on your team. A Doom with a pseudo-global presence is enough to make the enemy cower in fear.

Tier 5 Dota 

Image of Tier 5 Neutral Items

When the teams are even, careful, or clueless, then the game drags for 60 minutes and these things arrive. Tier 5 items are some of the most powerful items to exist in Dota 2. Within this tier are abilities and bonuses too great for a regular shop item. Apart from the abilities, the stats they give are a testament to their game-ending power. With the right luck, the right 5 items can win you the game on acquisition.

The rule of thumb is to never reach Tier 5 items. They are fun to get, but hard to play against when the enemy gets the right ones. Another rule is to use the Pirate Hat and Book of the Dead on cooldown. The Hat gives free gold, and the Book summons 4 pushing Necronomicon creeps—use them well!

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