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Dota 2 Muerta: How to Play and What to Build?

Dota 2 Muerta: How to Play and What to Build?

    Last Updated on March 9, 2023

With the release of Dota version 7.32e, players were treated to a collection of things— including Dota 2 Muerta. It came with some QoL changes such as clicking the enemy portrait to show their items and last location. 

Changes to items and heroes are the main bulk of the patch updates. But the biggest part of it is not the fact that it isn’t 7.33, but that Muerta is finally here. Teased since TI11, she now enters as Dota’s 124th hero.

Her intended roles in the game are Carry, Nuker, and Disabler in that order of viability. Muerta adds herself to the small list of intelligence-based right-clickers like Outworld Destroyer and Windranger. But she is the first in all of Dota to right-click ethereal enemies. 

Before her, the item Revenant’s Brooch allowed anyone to do this—a proper tease to her arrival. There seem to be a few ways to play her, and we’ll show you two of them right now.

Dota 2 Muerta Traditional Right Click

Let’s tackle her most viable role, which is the carry. Position-wise, Muerta is perceived more as a Mid hero than a Carry hero. The reason has to do with her kit and how her stats are built up. 

While her Agility and Intelligence gain is similar, her kit doesn’t enable the right click as Drow’s or Lina’s kits do. Her ability to shoot two targets goes well with maelstrom, with a great Gleipnir transition. Hurricane Pike or Blink solves her mobility, a Swift Blink upgrade is great afterward.

Mid lane emphasizes her great magic damage potential that most mids have today. Her ultimate converts her right-click into physical, making her a nice counter to physical tanks. This also makes her susceptible to magic damage, but buying a Black King Bar makes her invulnerable. 

The bulk of her magic damage is behind her sluggish attack speed, fixable by power treads. Most heroes in the early to midgame don’t expect Muerta to dish out so much magic damage.

Image of Dota 2 Muerta Build

Muerta is a Spellcaster Hybrid?

While she has good right-click, her other abilities make her poking and prodding capabilities effective. Her Deadshot is a vector target that can fear enemies hit by the bullet after it redirects. 

This ability can pave the way for stuns as it has a generous 2-second duration at level 4 with a 1000-cast range. It’s also a great set up for her The Calling, which causes units to be slowed, and silenced if they touch the ghosts. Make use of her skills to manipulate enemy movement.

Aether Lens is a good pickup going down this route, but an Ethereal blade is great. Only pick up the E-blade if you have other magic damage on your team, but great for you regardless. Blink dagger allows you to reposition for better Deadshot angles that are more punishable. 

Items like Gleipnir and Euls are nice setups, but even here your angle should be the X-factor team damage. Muerta is unexplored territory for now, but by the time she enters the draft, we’ll see more creative gameplay. Keep in mind, critical strikes work with her ultimate ability!

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