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Dota 2 Creeps Score, How to Improve

Dota 2 Creeps Score, How to Improve

    Last Updated on February 28, 2023

The economy is an important concept for Dota 2 creeps, and it doesn’t get discussed a lot. Gold circulation in an average dota game decides the winner as much as skill. Dota design became so invested in item progression that complex math determines many things.

The concept of catching up in a losing game is emphasized by Icefrog to make comebacks possible. The mathematics behind gold calculation make Dota a fun game to watch.

If this is a complex topic, then let us proceed to what makes sense—CS. Creep score is the number of creeps a hero last hit or denied throughout the game. This number can vary throughout games, but a viewer can tell who is who in a game.

Higher CS denotes a core position player or someone with a lot of farms. A high creep score translates to high levels, better items, and greater chances to win a game. 

Importance of Killing Blows on Dota 2 Creeps

MOBAs put high importance on characters getting the killing blow on wave creatures. In the standard design, wave creatures are the primary source of gold and experience. Player characters are tasked to deal the killing blow to these creatures to get the rewards.

It’s a complicated task in the presence of other creeps, allied heroes, and enemy heroes. In uncoordinated games, you can see a contest between two teammates on who gets more Dota 2 creeps. The bar is set too low here, but this is a normal occurrence in games.

In Dota, the ideal CS before the 10-minute mark is 60 among the community. In defense, this is only for the cores and isn’t necessary for the rest of the team. There are always exceptions to this rule, and it is the player’s insight to know when those appear.

Giving the farm to a needed hero trumps blind farming by the core. Everyone in the team has a role to play, and sometimes supports have that responsibility. Last hits are the first step towards winning the game—take all that you can.

Preventive Measures

Image of Dota 2 Heroes that need Creeps

While it is your goal to gather as many last hits as you can as a team, the same goes for the enemy. The opponents go out of their way to make sure your team’s economy goes straight into the gutter.

Your team can employ the same shutdown strategies, but it’s a matter of which team can do it best. Opportunities to find gold and experience are everywhere, and the lane isn’t the only place to get the last hits. Placing padlock on the jungles is a good way to starve the enemy out of an advantage.

Manipulating the enemy jungle and securing your jungle works wonders for your game. Map control is an unsung tactic in MOBAs that influence a game’s trajectory. Think of it as an invisible fear factor that your team cannot go into without punishment.

You can utilize this tactic to enrich your team, but make sure to control the enemy. Don’t relax because the enemy will always find a way to get back into the game. Just focus on your Dota 2 creeps score, and you’ll do fine.

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