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Dota 2 Ward Guide for Dummies

Dota 2 Ward Guide for Dummies

    Last Updated on December 7, 2022

Every self-respecting Dota 2 player knows that vision is the most critical part of winning a game. So, I present the Dota 2 Best Ward Spots for beginners (or dummies). Dota 2 has two wards available in every game, Observer Wards and Sentry Wards.

Observer Wards are simply wards that give you vision, and you can buy them for free in the shop. It sheds much-needed light on the dark, scary map. Sentry Wards serve as your protector, allowing you to see invisible units and the wards of your enemies. Each Sentry Ward costs 50 gold. 

Don’t Let the Wards Reach Max Capacity

Screenshot for Dota 2 Best Ward Spots

Dota 2 Wards have a maximum stock limit in the store. Once it reaches the limit, the wards available will stay at the limit unless you buy them. The maximum limit for Observer Wards is four, and ten is the maximum limit for Sentry Wards. 

Be sure to buy wards regularly to avoid the maximum limit. Always remember a sign that your team has good support is when they deplete their stock.

Defensive Ward Spots

Screenshot for Dota 2 Best Ward Spots Top Side

In the photo, you get a glimpse of my cute Dota 2 Ward Skins used as a defensive ward. Defensive Wards are wards placed to help your team feel secure while roaming around the map. 

The Defensive Ward Spots are usually found in the protruding hills with eye marks on top. Although it is evident that it is warded, it offers the maximum area of visibility possible to ensure that no one is lurking behind enemy lines. 

The Defensive Wards are most practical when you are playing from behind or have a hard carry that needs to farm longer than others. Another scenario where defensive wards are useful is when you face a very aggressive enemy that usually makes plays by engaging your team. 

Block Enemy Neutral Camps with Sentries

Screenshot for Dota 2 Best Ward Spots Enemy Neutral Camps

If you didn’t know it before, you could block the enemy’s neutral camps with sentry wards. Every neutral resets after every minute. Whenever a unit or ward blocks the area nearby, the camp will not replenish. 

This strategy is useful early when you block the enemies’ small camp to prevent them from pulling the creep wave. It can also be helpful as it reduces the available farm of the enemy team. 

Offensive/Deep Wards

Screenshot for Dota 2 Best Ward Spots Neutral Camps River
Screenshot for Dota 2 Best Ward Spots Enemy Tier 2 Tower
Screenshot for Ward Spots Bot Side River
Screenshot for Ward Spots Bot Side Enemy Tower

In the images seen above, the common denominator of them all is that the Observer Wards are placed on less prominent spots. The idea behind offensive wards is for your team to have the vision of the enemy team where the enemy will think that they are safe to farm.

Since you placed the wards on less familiar spots, the enemy will think that they are safe and unseen when you are watching their every move. Having vision deep in the enemy jungle helps your team make plays to kill off the enemy with less risk. Feel free to use the images above as a reference for your next game as support.

Deward, Deward, Deward. 

Screenshot for Ward Spots

Now that you have the vision of the enemy and your side, do not forget to deward the enemies’ wards. Map control is a constant back-and-forth battle that is decided by who has the most vision around the map. 

Placing defensive and offensive wards is not enough when the enemy has the same vision as you. Now that you know that the enemy can place them in your jungle, feel free to place sentry wards on the ground to make sure. You can never be too paranoid. 

That wraps up the Dota 2 Best Ward Spots: Ward Guide for Dummies. If you liked the article, let us know by checking out the other articles on our website

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