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Destiny 2 Crossplay Guide

Destiny 2 Crossplay Guide

    Last Updated on March 28, 2023

The Destiny 2 Crossplay feature is one of the best in the industry. After all, its large player base includes gamers from different consoles and platforms. Yet, tons of other players believe the game is dead. Well, we’re here to tell you that Destiny 2 is not dead.

It continues to attract millions of gamers with their expansions packs and DLCs. What also helps the game is that players can connect anytime and anywhere. However, crossplay wasn’t always present in Destiny 2.

Is Destiny 2 Crossplay?

Destiny 2 Crossplay with Fireteams

Yes, Destiny 2 is crossplay. However, it didn’t start that way. Once Bungie released the game in 2014, players could not interact with each other due to hardware differences. You couldn’t play with friends on the Xbox if you played on the PC.

It wasn’t until later on in August 2021 that Bungie made a way for cross-platform play. Players were now able to form teams on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. It was the largest seasonal update that took hours in the Season of the Lost.

However, it was worth it. After all, now you can seamlessly connect with your friends on any platform you want.

One other thing to note is that players had to change their names after the update. During the launch of crossplay, everyone on each platform had to change their name. Once they changed it, it became known as the Bungie Name. It serves as a universal name across all platforms.

After that came a bunch of new features, such as Bungie Friends. You now had a way to keep track of all your friends and their Bungie Names. You could also seamlessly invite them to your party without any hassle.

What Platforms Can Crossplay?

Destiny 2 Crossplay Platforms

The platforms available are the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Unfortunately, Destiny 2 is not supported on the Steam Deck. It’s a matter of anti-cheat issues, making it hard to put on the Deck. However, there is news that Destiny 2 might arrive on the Nintendo Switch.

If you want to play Destiny 2 on your Steam Deck, you need to access cloud gaming. After all, the game is not compatible with the hardware. However, you can use the Nvidia GeForce Now to play it remotely on the cloud.

The best part about cross-platform play is that you can play any mode, too. It means you can also play any activity and access any destination with your Fireteams. However, Bungie did clarify that console and PC players won’t meet by default in the Crucible.

Yet, any PC player must specifically invite a console player to play with them. However, the console player will play in PC pools in the Crucible.

What is Cross Save in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 also has a cross-save feature. You can transfer the progress of your game to multiple platforms. An example would be: if you saved your game on the PC, the same file shows up on your Xbox or PlayStation. Here’s how to set it up on Destiny 2:

  • Log-In to
  • Locate and Select the Cross Save option from the account menu
  • Link your other Platforms to your account
  • Authenticate all existing platforms by logging in again
  • Choose the character you want to take with you across all systems
  • You will receive a message saying Cross Save Activated once you’re finished

Overall, the crossplay in Destiny 2 is one of the best advancements to the system. It led to a more seamless and smoother experience for the millions of players worldwide. Just make sure to take note of the weird loops to play on the Crucible.

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