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Demonologist Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Demonologist Tips & Tricks for Beginners

    Last Updated on May 5, 2023

If you are having trouble hunting down the entities, you might need some Demonologist Tips to get you going. Demonologist is a ghost-hunting horror game, so the main objective is to identify what supernatural being disturbs the place.

To do so, you will need tools to figure out what is happening in the abandoned building you’re investigating. Since Demonologist supports co-op, you can either go in and fulfill that objective alone or play it with your friends.

Investigating is hard enough, but it is even harder to investigate something out of the ordinary. In fact, it may even be confusing for those who are beginners. That is why in this article, I will list out some tips and tricks you will find helpful in Demonologist.

Utilize your Tools

Demonologist Tips Using Tools

With the presence of an evil spirit in the building, you will need everything you need in hunting it. What better way to help you than your handy ghost-hunting tools? Since the building is filled with supernatural entities, they are bound to move things around. 

When something unnatural happens, try to use your tools to figure out what is happening. Whenever a light flickers or an object gets thrown somewhere, point your tools at them. This might help you in figuring out what to do to exorcise the entity.

Moreover, since tools are very important make sure to invest your money in buying equipment. Completing objectives in the game rewards you with hard-earned money, so make sure to reinvest them properly. Always remember to purchase equipment before starting your investigation.

Lastly, if you see an Ouija Board use them. Unsurprisingly, ouija boards are present in the ghost-hunting game Demonologist. You can use the Ouija Board to ask questions to the entity you are hunting.

If you ask the right questions, you can pinpoint the location of the ghost you are hunting. To use this tool, simply pick it up, turn on your mic, and start asking questions. Be careful because this device is prone to breaking.

Let There Be Light

A horror game is bound to get dark, but it is not smart to keep it that way. While you have your handy flashlight, it might get too scary if that is your only light source. The rooms in Demonologist usually contain light switches, just make sure to find them first. 

When you interact with these switches, lo and behold you finally have light shining bright in the room. Light is beneficial for your hunting endeavors. Seeing things properly will help you in finding clues, and will help you escape danger lurking somewhere in the room.

Stay Sane

Now this tip is helpful for you in real life and in the game. Seeing some disturbing things happening due to supernatural phenomena is not easy on the eyes. Just like how real people get disturbed by this phenomenon, Sarah can get insane too.

In the game, there is a sanity meter you have to keep an eye on, much like other survival-horror games, such as Amnesia. If your sanity meter becomes empty, this leads to a premature death, which is of course game over. To keep your sanity levels in check, you can leave the building for the time being to relax a bit. Additionally, you can use holy water, candles, and medicine to keep your sanity topped up.

That is it for this article. Follow these Demonologist tips and tricks and you’d conquer various kinds of entities without a sweat! Now, when you are done hunting the evil spirit in the building, check out the other articles we have on our website.

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