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Decadent False God Persona 5 Royal Weakness: Boss Battle Guide

Decadent False God Persona 5 Royal Weakness: Boss Battle Guide

    Last Updated on June 30, 2023

In Persona 5 Royal, one of the most challenging and formidable bosses you’ll encounter is the Decadent False God. It is found in the depths of Futaba’s Palace guarding the third and final Will Seed in that particular Palace. This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive strategy to overcome this powerful adversary and emerge victorious. Prepare yourself for an epic battle as we delve into the tactics and techniques necessary to defeat this formidable foe. Here is Persona 5 Royal Decadent False God’s Weakness.

Decadent False God’s Weakness

Embarking on the journey to find the Blue Wrath Seed proves treacherous, as it involves navigating through dangerous traps and encountering formidable Shadows along the way. The Decadent False God stands as the final guardian, safeguarding the precious Blue Wrath Seed. 

This boss possesses formidable ice/Bufu skills, which can deal substantial damage, and even has a Concentrate skill that amplifies the power of its magic-based attacks. Nonetheless, knowledge of the boss’s weakness can significantly tip the scales of the battle in the player’s favor.

The formidable boss fight against the Decadent False God in Persona 5 Royal presents a significant challenge. Even so, for seasoned players who are well-versed in the game’s mechanics. This boss shares certain characteristics with the Empress Persona, Alilat, but it’s crucial to note the distinctions in their weaknesses. While Alilat is susceptible to specific Curse skills, the Decadent False God has a different vulnerability due to its ice-based Shadow nature. 

Consequently, exploiting its weakness to fire attacks, known as Agi skills in the game, becomes crucial for success. On the other hand, it’s advisable to conserve energy and refrain from using Curse skills against this boss. It does not possess a weakness to them.

Finding the Blue Wrath Seed and Facing the Decadent False God

Within Persona 5 Royal, Futaba’s Palace serves as a major location, housing an intricate labyrinth filled with numerous challenges and treasures. Among the valuable rewards hidden within this palace are the Will Seeds. These Will Seeds, specifically the Red Wrath Seed and Green Wrath Seed, are scattered throughout the palace and offer power-ups when collected. However, our primary focus lies deeper within the palace, where the elusive Blue Wrath Seed awaits.

As you progress, you will eventually reach the Chamber of Rejection, the heart of Futaba’s Palace. This room houses the Last Will Seed, but obtaining it requires solving a complex puzzle. Pay close attention to the visual clues and hints provided within the palace to decipher the correct sequence of actions needed to unlock the path to the Last Will Seed. 

Once you have successfully solved the puzzle in the Chamber of Rejection, the path to the Last Will Seed will be revealed. Follow the newly unlocked route and traverse through the remaining palace sections until you finally reach the chamber where the Last Will Seed awaits. But, of course, the Decadent False God will be waiting for you there. Nevertheless, once you beat it, interact with the seed to claim it and unlock its hidden power.

Preparing for the Boss Fight: Personas to Take With You

Preparing for the decisive battle against the Decadent False God necessitates strategic selection and utilization of Personas. Two recommended Personas for this encounter are Mitra and Unicorn. Mitra, obtainable at level 33, possesses resistance or even repels ice attacks, rendering it a valuable ally. Unicorn, on the other hand, becomes available at level 39 and shares similar resistances against ice attacks. These Persona choices provide an advantage in the battle against the Decadent False God.

Decadent False God Persona 5 Royal Weakness: Using Fire Skills

Furthermore, effective utilization of Agi skills becomes instrumental in achieving victory. Specifically, equipping Joker with the Ring of Vanity and utilizing his Agi skills or attack items such as Fire Magatama or Molotov Cocktail can create opportunities for an All-Out Attack, assuming Joker remains in a capable state to execute it. Similarly, taking the master of Agi skills, Ann Takamaki, is a good idea as well if you prioritize offense. 

Final Words

Understanding the weakness of the Decadent False God in Persona 5 Royal holds great importance. This is because it directly influences your progression in the game and unlocks the full experience it has to offer. Overcoming this daunting challenge rewards the player with the final Will Seed within Futaba’s Palace. Acquiring this Will Seed not only enhances gameplay by increasing the wearer’s Agility and the chance to dodge incoming attacks but also serves as a testament to the player’s skill and perseverance in conquering the boss and unraveling the secrets of the palace.

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