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Can You Max All Confidants in Persona 5 Royal? A Comprehensive Guide

Can You Max All Confidants in Persona 5 Royal? A Comprehensive Guide

    Last Updated on July 3, 2023

Building relationships with confidants is a crucial and rewarding aspect of Persona 5 Royal. By maxing out confidants, you not only unlock powerful skills and benefits but also deepen the game’s story and form connections with the characters. To make the most of your confidant interactions and maximize their progression, follow these strategies and tips. At the very end, we will also answer if you can max all confidants in Persona 5 Royal in one playthrough.

Understanding Confidants

Confidants are unique characters you can form bonds with throughout the game. Each confidant has their own exciting story arc, allowing you to learn more about their lives, struggles, and dreams. By building a strong bond with them, you unlock various benefits and skills. This ranges from powerful Persona fusion options to new combat approaches.

Additionally, confidants are associated with specific Arcana, which represent different aspects of the human psyche. The Arcana affects the experience gained when fusing Personas of the same Arcana. Therefore, it is a good idea to focus on confidants aligned with an Arcana that correlate to the Personas you want to fuse and strengthen.

Prioritize Time Management

Time is a precious and limited resource in Persona 5 Royal, so effective time management is crucial. Plan your schedule carefully, considering the availability of confidants, other activities, and palace exploration.

Identify the confidants you wish to focus on and use your time accordingly. Some confidants are only available on specific days of the week or during certain time slots. Prioritize confidants with limited availability to avoid missing out on important chances to strengthen your relationships with them.

Furthermore, balance your time between confidant meetings, studying to improve your social stats, working part-time jobs to earn money, and exploring palaces to progress the main story. Finding the right balance will allow you to make steady progress in multiple areas of the game.

Take Advantage of Events and Gifts

Confidants often have special events and opportunities that deepen their bond and enhance their progression. These events can be triggered by reaching specific points in your relationship or by certain dates on the in-game calendar.

Regularly check your calendar for upcoming events and prioritize them. These events often offer unique interactions that allow you to get to know the confidant on a deeper level. Additionally, some events may provide several increases in your bond with the confidant, boosting their progression.

Prepare appropriate gifts to strengthen your bond with confidants. Gifts can be purchased from various stores in the game, such as the Underground Mall in Shibuya. Consider the preferences of each confidant and have presents ready to give when the opportunity arises. Gifts not only deepen your relationship but can also provide a significant boost in the confidant’s progression.

Enhance Social Stats As Soon As You Can

Certain confidants require specific social stats (Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness, and Charm) to progress their relationship. It is important to focus on improving these social stats early on to avoid being restricted by low stats later in the game. Indeed, social stats are crucial if you want to max all confidants in Persona 5 Royal.

Identify the confidants that have social stat requirements and focus on activities that boost those specific stats. For example, studying at the library raises your Knowledge, while working at the flower shop improves your Kindness. By efficiently managing your time and focusing on activities that increase the required social stats, you will be able to progress your relationships with these confidants smoothly.

Additionally, utilize the abilities of the Fortune confidant, Chihaya Mifune. Chihaya has the power to temporarily boost your social stats with her abilities. By visiting her, you can enhance your social stat gains, allowing you to save time and allocate more of it to building relationships with other confidants.

Remember to Utilize Confidant Abilities

Many confidants offer unique and valuable abilities that can greatly aid you in various aspects of the game. These abilities range from increasing negotiation options during combat to reducing security levels in palaces, and even allowing backup members to earn experience.

Evaluate the abilities offered by each confidant and prioritize leveling up those who provide abilities that align with your personal goals. For example, the Hierophant confidant, Sojiro Sakura, can teach you the Coffee Basics ability, allowing you to make coffee at Leblanc. This ability not only increases your Charm but also provides healing items for battles.

By smartly choosing which confidants to prioritize based on their abilities, you can gain significant advantages in combat, exploration, and social interactions, making your overall gameplay experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Always Carry Personas of the Same Arcana

When spending time with a specific confidant, having a Persona in your lineup that corresponds to the confidant’s Arcana can significantly speed up their progression. This is because having a matching Persona grants bonus points. Thus, increasing the rate at which your bond with the confidant grows. This tip is so crucial in the quest of maxing all confidants in Persona 5 Royal that we argue that any guide like this should include it.

To take advantage of this, always carry a Persona of the corresponding Arcana when spending time with a confidant. Fuse or capture Personas that belong to the Arcana of the confidant you want to build a relationship with. This way, you’ll be prepared to earn bonus points and maximize your progress during each interaction.

Prioritize Ranking Up Temperance and Fortune Confidants 

Two confidants, in particular, offer invaluable abilities that can greatly enhance your overall gameplay experience and time management. That being the Temperance and Fortune Arcanas.

The Temperance confidant, Sadayo Kawakami, provides you with additional free time by performing activities on your behalf. As you progress her confidant relationship, she will take care of various tasks for you while you do something else. This includes making coffee, cleaning your room, or doing your laundry. Maxing out her relationship grants you even more time to spend with other confidants, allowing you to build multiple relationships simultaneously.

The Fortune confidant, Chihaya Mifune, possesses the power of divination and offers abilities that can alter fate itself. By visiting Chihaya, you can utilize her abilities to temporarily boost your social stat gains, affinity with confidants, or even retry failed interactions. Her abilities can be immensely helpful in saving time, maximizing your bond with confidants, and increasing your chances of success in various aspects of the game.

By prioritizing the Temperance and Fortune confidants and steadily progressing their relationships, you will gain valuable time-saving abilities, enabling you to make the most of your limited time in Persona 5 Royal.

Take Note of the Story Deadline Confidants

Throughout the game, there are confidants who have specific deadlines tied to the main story. Failing to max out these confidants by their respective deadlines will result in a missed opportunity to deepen your bond with them and receive their unique benefits.

To avoid missing out on these important confidants, make them a priority in your schedule. Pay close attention to their availability and requirements. Then, ensure that you give them enough time to progress their relationships before the story reaches critical points. These confidants often provide significant story developments and offer powerful skills that can greatly enhance your experience.

Can You Max All Confidants in One Playthrough?

The short answer is yes; it is indeed possible to max all Confidants within a single playthrough. However, it will require strict time management strategies and precise social interactions that require a different article entirely. 

Yes, you can indeed max out every confidant in Persona 5 Royal in a single run. However, we cannot recommend it truly. Following a strict schedule may just take out the fun of playing this brilliant game. That said, we understand that we cannot tell you how you should play your game. So, do whatever it is that you want.

Final Words

Remember, it’s not just about maximizing confidant relationships for the sake of efficiency, but also about enjoying yourself in the rich stories and personal connections that the confidants offer. Take your time to enjoy the interactions, delve into their stories, and witness the growth and development of the characters you form bonds with. Atlus‘ Persona 5 Royal provides a remarkable opportunity to explore the lives of excellent characters and forge lasting relationships.

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