Best Valorant Agents for Split

Best Valorant Agents for Split

    Last Updated on May 25, 2023

Split is one of the smallest maps in Valorant with extremely tight spaces and corners that makes it hard for attackers. It is well-known that Split is a highly defensive map, and there are perfect Valorant Agents for Split.

If you are a passive and stout defender or an aggressive hot-headed attacker, there is a perfect agent you can use to win on Split. In this article, we will talk about the Best agents for Split 2023. If you want to check out other articles, head over to our website. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest esports and gaming news.

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Top Valorant Agents for Split

We will discuss exactly five perfect agents for Split. This list is based on the agent’s compatibility, win rates, and pick rate on the map.


Image of Raze Valorant Agent for Split

The best choice for the duelist role on Split is Raze. With Split’s tight corners and spaces, Raze will excel with flying colors (literally). 

The ability kit of Raze is perfect for clearing corners and tight spaces. Raze’s boom bot excels at gathering information, and there are many angles where the enemies could be hiding in a map like Split.

Raze’s grenades and ultimate ability will surely net you a kill if you point it in the right direction, given how small Split is. If you want to go fancy with your entries, it is easier to double satchel your way into the site on Split. 


Image of Killjoy

The pick for the role of Sentinel is Killjoy. Known for locking down sites with ease, the German Tech Whiz will shine on Split, especially on defense.

Split is known for having small entryways that can be completely locked down by Killjoy’s utility. With the right setup, Killjoy can completely lock down a site single-handedly given that she positions herself properly.

Killjoy’s turret, combined with her alarm bot and swarm grenades, is a tough Sentinel to get rid of on this map. Her ultimate can completely cover a site which is extremely helpful in attack and retake situations.


Image of Breach

The obvious choice for Initiator is Breach. Since we discussed over and over again that Split is a small map, there is no other choice for Initiator than Breach. 

Breach’s utility is the most suitable on a small map like Split. There are many good spots to use his flash, making it easier for your team to enter the site. Because Split is a small map with many tight corners, his Aftershock is one of the most effective abilities for clearing them.

To top it all off, his Rolling Thunder can completely cover a whole site which is extremely useful when it comes to attack and retake. 


Image of Omen

The controller of choice on Split is Omen. Two charges of Dark Cover are enough to block the enemies’ vision while entering a site. Being one of the most versatile controllers in the game, Omen is perfect for attack and defense on Split

Omen’s Paranoia, travels in a straight line, making it an effective ability to blind multiple enemies at the same time. His teleportation abilities come into full effect on the many vertical angles of Split giving you multiple options on how to duel. 


Image of Sage

The final addition to cap off this team is Sage. Sage can completely block off the dangerous mid-area of the map with her walls.

Couple that with her slow orb and it will be easier for your team to delay the enemies’ push. Additionally, her healing and revives are always useful in every situation. She will fit like a glove on a small map like Split.

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