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Best Final Fantasy 16 Abilities to Unlock First

Best Final Fantasy 16 Abilities to Unlock First

    Last Updated on June 23, 2023

Now being a full-blown action RPG, Final Fantasy 16 now also has all the tropes and great features the exciting genre has to offer. This includes the customary skill tree or ability unlocks. Much like any great action RPG, Final Fantasy 16 gives players complete control over which abilities they choose to unlock. Truly, the Final Fantasy 16 abilities are well-varied and can genuinely alter the experience based on what you get first. 

While many may automatically assume that the best Final Fantasy 16 abilities are exclusive for the late game, what if I tell you that some are readily accessible right from the first hours? In this article, we will be looking at the best Final Fantasy 16 abilities that you should unlock as soon as you can. Not only will they make your overall experience in the game much more manageable, but they are also a lot of fun to use.

Unlock These Final Fantasy 16 Abilities ASAP

It is important to mention that acquiring Clive’s basic abilities is significantly cheaper than mastering them. That said, players should prioritize learning all of Clive’s basic abilities first before rather than mastering one or two of them right from the start. Certain abilities such as Magic Burst and Precision Dodge are already learned at the beginning of the game, but the remaining abilities must be obtained through AP. 

Here are the best Final Fantasy 16 abilities that we recommend you get ASAP:

  1. Swift Recovery. The initial ability players should invest in using AP is Swift Recovery. It carries a cost of only 10 AP and enables Clive to swiftly rejoin the battle right after being knocked down by pressing R1.
  2. Burning Blade. By holding down the square button, players can charge up a potent fire attack known as Burning Blade for Clive. While this move takes too long to be effectively employed during combat, it can be charged up before the battle commences and serves as an excellent opening move.
  3. Charged Magic. If players prefer to maintain distance from their opponents, they can opt for Charged Magic as a favorable alternative to Burning Blade. By simply holding the Triangle button, players can unleash a mighty magical blast. The element of this attack changes according to the attuned Final Fantasy 16 Eikon you have.
  4. Stomp. The ability to execute a Stomp enables players to jump off enemies, granting them a slight boost in the air. This maneuver proves valuable for setting up aerial combos and provides players with fresh combat options.

And with that out of the way, let us proceed to discuss the abilities that you should master first.

Final Fantasy 16 Abilities To Master

Best Final Fantasy 16 Abilities Precision Dodge

Mastering abilities will cost more resources, but doing so can certainly make them more useful. Mastered abilities give more utility and are generally a great idea to do. Here are the following abilities you should master as soon as you can:

  1. Precision Dodge. Clive initially possesses the Precision Dodge ability, but mastering it extends the available timeframe for executing precise dodges. This skill holds tremendous significance in the combat mechanics of Final Fantasy 16.
  2. Burning Blade. As previously mentioned, the regular execution time of Burning Blade renders it less effective in the midst of battle. However, by achieving mastery over this ability, its charging speed increases significantly.
  3. Downthrust. Once Clive achieves mastery over Downthrust, his blade becomes infused with fire, resulting in a small explosion upon impact. This enhancement transforms aerial attacks into a devastating option.

Although obtained relatively early, these abilities can serve you well into the mid or late stages of the game. It will make your first hours in the game a breeze, believe me. Now, go out there and make the most out of Square Enix’s latest masterpiece!

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