Best Agents to Use in Pearl Valorant Map

Best Agents to Use in Pearl Valorant Map

    Last Updated on May 25, 2023

It is already a long time since Pearl Valorant Map got introduced to the game. Just like any other map, team compositions matter in Pearl. Want to have a better chance of winning? Check out this article.

We will talk about the best team comp for Pearl Valorant by listing the best agents to win the map. You can also check out this article on the best agents to use in Icebox. Don’t forget to visit the website. We write tons of guides and walkthroughs to help gamers worldwide.

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Image of Reyna

Reyna is a top pick for an aggressive playstyle in Pearl. Her abilities allow her to get ahead of everyone, get a kill, and instantly get back safely with her Dismiss ability. Reyna’s Devour ability also allows her to heal herself to full HP in seconds. 

She is undoubtedly a formidable opponent in close-quarters combat. Her ultimate ability, Empress, increases her fire rate and reduces her ability cooldowns, giving her a massive advantage in most fights.


Image of Phoenix Art Development

Phoenix is an underrated pick for Pearl. With many angles and tight spaces on the map, it’s essential to have flashes that can blind enemies for easy escape. Phoenix’s Flashbang and Curveball abilities are perfect for this, making him a great pick for any team. 

Additionally, Phoenix’s Wall ability can come in handy in many open spaces such as the A Site. His healing abilities can also be instrumental in clutch situations, making him a well-rounded pick for any play style.


Image of Brimstone from Valorant Cinematic

As the meta has shifted away from Viper, Brimstone has emerged as the best Controller Agent in Pearl. Brimstone’s abilities allow him to separate any site with his smokes and block specific angles precisely, leaving no room for error. 

His Incendiary ability can also kill anyone hiding in specific corners, making it an excellent tool for defending or attacking a site. His Orbital Strike is the cherry on top. Brimstone’s Ultimate ability lets you make popcorn made from your enemies.


Image of Cypher

Cypher is a powerful agent in Pearl, and his abilities make him an excellent choice for defenders. The map has countless angles on each side, making it almost impossible to hold every angle. 

However, with Cypher’s assistance, players can cover multiple angles using his Spycam. This camera can be placed on walls or corners to scout enemies, and players can toggle between camera views to keep an eye on enemy movements. 

His Trapwires and Cyber Cages are also useful in catching the opponent off-guard. Cypher can stay carefree while his abilities are in action, making him a crucial pick for any team.


Image of Sage for Pearl Valorant Map

Sage is currently one of the most popular agents in Pearl, and for a good reason. She is one of the two agents who can heal her allies, and only Sage can revive her allies from the dead. This makes Sage a must-pick if your team does not have Phoenix, Reyna, or Skye. Even if you have these agents, you can still use Sage to heal others. 

Sage’s wall ability is also useful in A site on Pearl, as it can block off specific areas and prevent enemies from entering a particular site. With her healing abilities and wall ability, Sage is an essential part of any team composition.


Image of KAY/O for Pearl Valorant Map

KAY/O is a perfect initiator in Pearl, and his abilities make him an excellent choice for attackers. His flash ability can be used to disorient enemies and allow his allies to take any site swiftly. 

There are a considerable number of windows and specific lineups where KAY/O can throw his flash and drive, which can catch enemies off-guard. As there are also tons of players using Cypher and Killjoy in Pearl, KAY/O’s Ultimate and Zero/Point remain helpful. KAY/O’s ultimate ability can also disable enemies’ abilities, making it easier for the team to push and take control of a site.


Image of Sova for Pearl Valorant Map

Sova’s abilities make him an excellent choice for gathering intel and supporting his team. After all, Pearl’s complex layout makes it more of a playground for Sova’s lineups. He can also use his Recon Bolt to scout enemies and gather information about their position. 

His Shock Bolt can also be used to damage enemies hiding behind walls or corners. Sova does not have to expose himself to assist his teammates, making him even better in Pearl. His ultimate ability, Hunter’s Fury, can also be used to clear out enemies from specific areas, making it easier for the team to push and take control of a site.

The Pearl Valorant map is one of the most challenging maps in the game. Even professional players often have a hard time with their team compositions. However, these agents are what work in ranked queues worldwide. So, it’s time to take your pick and continue the grind.

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