Best Agents for Valorant Bind

Best Agents for Valorant Bind

    Last Updated on April 13, 2023

Valorant Bind is inching close to its return. As one of the fan favorites, Bind is an extremely popular map with players. While it is popular, some might struggle in winning in Bind. The best way to tackle this situation is to figure out the right agents for this map.

Each agent offers a different set of abilities that can complement different playstyles and strategies. With the return of Bind, it is important to know which agents will be the best when it comes back. 

The Bind rework introduces new angles never seen before. While there are new angles, the best agents for the map stay fairly the same. In this article, we will discuss the best Valorant agents for the map Bind.


Image of Sova

Sova is a great agent for gathering information and controlling the map. His abilities allow him to scout ahead and locate enemies, making it easier for his team to execute strategies. Sova’s Recon Bolt ability also shoots a drone that reveals enemies. 

His Owl Drone allows him to scout out an area without putting himself in danger. Sova’s ultimate ability, Hunter’s Fury, shoots three powerful arrows that can penetrate walls and kill enemies. Due to Bind’s defender advantage, initiators like Sova are in high demand. 


Image of Raze

Raze is a high-mobility agent that excels in flushing out enemies and dealing damage. Since Bind has a few tough corners to clear, her abilities make a huge difference. Her Blast Pack ability also allows her to propel herself in the air, giving her an advantage in unexpected angles. 

Her Paint Shells ability lobs a cluster grenade that deals significant damage to enemies. Raze’s ultimate ability, Showstopper, equips her with a rocket launcher that can one-shot kill enemies. Her space-clearing abilities work best in Bind. 


Image of Astra

Astra is a powerful controller agent that can manipulate the battlefield and create openings for her team. Her abilities revolve around creating Astral Form, a projection of herself that she can place anywhere on the map. 

Astra’s Gravity Well ability creates a singularity that pulls enemies towards it, making them vulnerable to attacks. Her Nebula ability creates a smoke screen that blocks vision. Lastly, her ultimate ability, Cosmic Divide, creates a massive wall that blocks sound, vision, and bullets.


Image of Killjoy

Killjoy is a sentinel agent that excels in locking down sites and preventing enemies from pushing through. Her abilities revolve around deploying devices that can deal with damage and slow down enemies. Killjoy’s Alarmbot ability also deploys a robotic spider that chases enemies and detonates, dealing damage. 

Her Turret ability deploys a stationary turret that shoots at enemies. Lastly, her ultimate ability, Lockdown, deploys a device that detains enemies in an area, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. Killjoy’s kit makes her the sentinel of choice for Bind.


Valorant Agent Skye for Bind

Skye is a versatile agent that can heal her teammates and provide support. Her abilities revolve around scouting and healing her allies. Her Regrowth ability allows her to heal herself and her teammates. While her Trailblazer ability shoots a Tasmanian tiger that scouts ahead and can stun enemies. 

Her Guiding Light ability sends out a hawk that flashes enemies. Her ultimate ability, Seekers, sends out three cabbage-looking things that track down enemies and nearsighted them. What’s important are her seekers. Since Bind has a few right angles and corners to clear, it makes her the prime choice in the map.


Valorant Agent Jett for Bind

Jett is a high-mobility agent that excels in flanking enemies and getting into unexpected angles. She will also always remain a popular choice on any map. Her abilities allow her to move quickly and create distractions for the enemy team. 

Jett’s Cloudburst creates a smoke screen that blocks vision, while her Updraft allows her to jump up to high places. Her ultimate ability, Blade Storm, equips her with throwing knives that deal significant damage to enemies.

Because of her verticality, she’s a tough agent to beat in Bind. After all, you can only hold so many angles. How can you aim a few degrees higher at a fast-moving target?


Valorant Agent Omen for Bind

Omen is a powerful agent that can teleport around the map and disrupt the enemy team. His abilities revolve around creating shadows and teleporting himself and his team. While Astra is more strategically sound, Omen is capable himself. 

His Paranoia sends out a shadow that blinds enemies, while his Shrouded Step lets you teleport a short distance. Omen’s ultimate ability, From the Shadows, undoubtedly allows him to teleport anywhere on the map. His teleports also allow him to flank enemies and create openings for his team.

Bind is a map in Valorant that requires agents with unique abilities that can complement different playstyles and strategies. The agents mentioned in this article are undoubtedly the best options for players looking to dominate on this map. While the map is now giving defenders an advantage, these agents are the perfect fit. 

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