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Atomic Heart Beginner Tips & Tricks

Atomic Heart Beginner Tips & Tricks

    Last Updated on April 9, 2023

Beyond its gorgeous scenery and incredible world-building, Atomic Heart is one challenging game. One moment you are enjoying the neo-futuristic Soviet setting; another you are barely surviving an intense combat encounter. Atomic Heart is that type of game. You always have to be on your toes, as everything is on the hunt for you.

To help you better navigate the harsh world of Atomic Heart, we have come up here with a list of tips and tricks for beginners and seasoned gamers alike. Read on and soon you’d be blasting away hordes and hordes of enemies without breaking a sweat.

Always be Wary of your Ammo Count

Melee Weapons Conserve Ammo

Although Atomic Heart, at its core, is an action FPS game, it can sometimes play like a survival one. Resources can be scarce, especially on ammunition. The first of our beginner tips is to always be aware of how much ammo you currently have. While ammo is not as scarce as some of the harsher FPS games out there, it is still in your best interest to always be on top of it.

As much as possible, conserve them. Only use them whenever in a pinch or a tough encounter. Perhaps on combat sections where you struggle or the boss fights. Thankfully, Atomic Heart emphasized melee weapons just as much as guns. So, be sure to whack at your enemies first up close and personal before opting to shoot at them.

Utilize the Scanner Device Often

You can get the scanner device early in the game. As soon as you have it in your arsenal, learn to use it often. Use it whenever you are entering a new area or in the presence of a new enemy. Not only does the scanner help you reveal hidden items, but it also tells you the vulnerabilities of enemies. 

Take note that enemies in the game are resistant or vulnerable to certain elemental damage. The scanner lets you know which is which. This could also be the saving grace of completionists out there. Whenever you are on the hunt for a specific item, just pop the device on and it should help. There is no reason why you shouldn’t use the scanner as often as possible.

Visit NORA Often

NORA, the sexually-charged, AI vending machine, serves as the player’s resource management hub in the game. It is here where you store valuable items, dismantle them for crafting materials, and even upgrade weapons. 

Atomic Heart is filled to the brim with gear and materials, there is always something to pick up. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to always see your bag have an excess of something. Rather than just throwing them away or being discouraged to pick more up, go to NORA. Dismantle the things that you think you don’t need and use them to create better gear instead.

Make Every Weapon Upgrade Count

Weapon upgrades are at the heart of Atomic Heart’s character progression system. In most cases, it can be the deciding factor on whether you survive an encounter or not. While investing your resources in constructing newer melee weapons early may sound enticing, it is highly discouraged. The axe you have at the starting sections of the game should serve you well into the mid-game itself. 

Instead, we recommend you focus on crafting guns instead. Craft every gun you come across and find the one that fits your playstyle the most. Believe us, doing so will carry you so much further into the game rather than spending your resources haphazardly.

Try Being Stealthy from Time to Time

Atomic Heart Stealth

Although not advertised, it is worth pointing out that Atomic Heart also has a stealth mechanic in it. Just as with other games, you can sneak behind an enemy and quickly take them down without resistance. However, take note that doing so in this game can get pretty tricky. Whereas other games have visibility indicators or the option to peek around corners, Atomic Heart doesn’t have both. Here, everything is loud and enemies are incredibly perceptive. 

Nevertheless, if you see an enemy by his lonesome, why not try going for the sneaky kill, right? Doing so not only preserves your valuable ammo or resources; you’d also more than likely feel a sense of satisfaction. On top of being a combat powerhouse, you’d also feel like an assassin in the wind.

If All Else Fails, Lower the Difficulty

When you try your best, but you don’t succeed (Coldplay reference right there), all hope’s not lost. Thankfully, Atomic Heart gives you the option of changing the game’s difficulty anytime you want. Say that the game is too tough for you and you just want to have fun with it. Then feel free to tweak the difficulty down a peg. 

Atomic Heart has three difficulty levels: Peaceful Atom (easy), Local Malfunction (medium), and Armageddon (hard). Remember, there is no shame in going for the lower difficulty. We are all here to have fun, and there is none of that to be had when you constantly die.

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