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Apex Coins: How to Buy Them in Apex Legends?

Apex Coins: How to Buy Them in Apex Legends?

    Last Updated on March 13, 2023

Apex Coins are the main currency to buy cosmetics in Apex Legends. Yet, the game is free-to-play, resulting in players not wanting to buy the coins. However, some aim to collect character skins, weapon skins, and Heirlooms.

Undoubtedly, legend Heirlooms are the most hunted-down cosmetics in the game. As a Caustic main, I also want to get his hammer. However, you have to understand why they’re hard to obtain.

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What are Apex Coins?

Image of Apex Coins to Buy Skins

Apex Legends has three in-game currencies: Apex Coins (AC), Crafting Metals (CM), and Legend Tokens (LT). You can also earn CM and LT for free by playing games and leveling up your account.

Now, without an increased level cap, you can earn them indefinitely. However, AC is a premium currency that must be bought with real-world money.

Yet, it might not make sense to buy because you can get cosmetics and characters for free.

The selling point of Apex Coins is the ability to buy Apex Packs and the Battle Pass. Packs also guarantee you skins, voice lines, and so much more. However, players buy Packs for another reason— the Legend Heirlooms.

Pro-Tip: You can buy the Battle Pass to earn Apex Coins. You can use the coins to buy another Battle Pass for a new season.

What are Heirlooms?

Heirlooms are high-tier cosmetic items that have a 0.2% drop rate. You can get these items through Heirloom Shards through Apex Packs. However, there is a Pity System in place inside the game. 

You can also obtain Heirlooms once you open your 500th Apex Pack. It has a 100% drop rate on your 500th pack. The pack will also give you a total of 150 Heirloom Shards. Even more, 150 shards are the exact price of a cosmetic heirloom.

Each heirloom also represents a piece of lore for every Legend. A good example is Bangalore’s Knife which has a few dark memories. You’ll have to play the game to know more because we don’t want to spoil anything.

How to Buy Apex Coins?

You can purchase AC in-game in different options with plenty of options. There are also a total of five options for you to choose from in Apex Legends. Respawn, the developer for Apex Legends, also gives you a bonus depending on how many coins you buy.

  • 1,000 AC ($10)
  • 2,000 + 150 AC ($20)
  • 4,000 + 350 AC ($40)
  • 6,000 + 700 AC ($60)
  • 10,000 + 1,500 AC ($100)

Pro-Tip: You can also earn cosmetics through the Battle Pass. There are tons of rewards if you reach all the levels.

You can either use your credit card to buy Apex Coins or other options for microtransactions. It is worth noting that you shouldn’t spend all your money in one place. After all, you can earn these cosmetics by playing more matches.

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