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All Tears of the Kingdom Abilities & Sage Abilities Explained

All Tears of the Kingdom Abilities & Sage Abilities Explained

    Last Updated on May 30, 2023

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Abilities and Sage Abilities did a great job of keeping the game distinct and fresh. Since it worked as a sequel to Breath of the Wild, it had to differentiate itself from its predecessor.

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A good way to differentiate yourself is to offer different mechanics to the game. In this case, the Tears of the Kingdom Abilities boasts breathtaking mechanics that puts other games to shame. Additionally, these abilities promote creativity and outside-the-box thinking. Let out your inner child and unleash every idea you have.

In this article, we will explain all of the Tears of the Kingdom Abilities and Sage Abilities.

Ultrahand Tears of the Kingdom Abilities

An image of the Ultrahand Ability being used. One of the Tears of the Kingdom Abilities.

The Ultrahand is an ability that you’ll receive early in the campaign. Basically, it has the main function of where you’ll be able to create various objects and vehicles. The objects you can create with this ability are endless, and you are only limited by your imagination.

The Ultrahand ability has 3 functions beneath it namely: Fuse, Grab and Attach, and Autobuild.


As the name suggests, this Tears of the Kingdom abilities lets you fuse materials with one another. Specifically, this ability applies to your weapons and shields. Using Fuse lets you select a weapon or a shield, then you can fuse anything to it.

This ability will test how creative your mind is because there are limitless options of materials to fuse. If you want a shield with a bomb attached to it, you can do it. If you want it to be more bizarre, you can attach a Sword to a Polearm. Basically, this is a function that you can have fun with so do not be afraid of experimenting.

Grab and Attach

This ability is as straightforward as they come. It is the basic function of the Ultrahand Tears of the Kingdom abilities. You can grab, rotate, lift, align, and attach objects. This ability is what you will use if you want to create objects and even vehicles.

Just like Fuse, Grab and Attach requires some creativity to it and it also has limitless options for you to try. There are many objects and vehicles you can build thanks to this ability. Again, do not be afraid of trying to attach two weird things together. The worst that can happen is having fun with your creation.


If you are tired of wracking your brains when building something, you can always depend on the Autobuild ability. It is one of the time-saving Tears of the Kingdom Abilities. As the name suggests, this ability lets you build something right away as long as you have the schema and materials.

You can obtain a Schema through the Depths/Chasms quest chain. In addition, you can also make use of the favorites or history tab to check your previous creations.

Utility Tears of the Kingdom Abilities

Utility Abilities are the useful but not flashy Tears of the Kingdom Abilities. These are extremely useful in your exploration across Hyrule. Unlike the Ultrahand ability, it only has two abilities with it namely: Ascend and Recall.


Ascend allows you to reach higher areas, but it has some requirements to do that. You need to be standing upright, and there should be a solid section several feet above you. For example, a low ceiling, a hanging ledge, a square block, or the bottom tip of a pillar.

Once you select the Ascend ability, you should see a green marker if the target location is valid. You will then phase through solid objects until you end up at the very top of that section.


Recall is one of the nifty Tears of the Kingdom Abilities. This ability lets you target an object to reset its position or orientation. You can use this ability for plenty of situations as long as you remember how it works and how to use it. One of the best uses of this ability is to use it for exploration or solving puzzles.

Sage Tears of the Kingdom Abilities

You can unlock Sage Abilities once you have Sage companions. You can get Sage companions by finishing the main quest of a region. After you finish the main quest of a region, the companion will gain a Secret Stone. The Secret Stone will allow the Sage to lend you their powers.

The tricky part about Tears of the Kingdom Sage Abilities is how to activate them. You can activate Sage Abilities by standing next to the companion and pressing the A button. While it sounds simple, these companions usually run around aimlessly making it hard for you to activate it.

While the activation part is tricky, these Sage Abilities are very useful and they are essential in your journey. There are a total of five Sage Abilities namely: Sage of Wind, Sage of Lightning, Sage of Water, Sage of Fire, and Sage of Spirit.

Sage of Wind

This allows the companion to blow a gust of wind. In combat, it can knock back smaller enemies. It’s a great ability for exploration as it allows you to gain a burst of speed while gliding.

Sage of Lightning

This creates a glowing field in a wide area around you that expands even wider. You can shoot an arrow during this Sage Ability to unleash a powerful lightning strike.

Sage of Water

Sage of Spirit. One of the Tears of the Kingdom Abilities.

This creates a water bubble that covers you, and it negates one instance of damage from any source. It is a great ability for combat that will save you multiple times.

Sage of Fire

Sage of Fire. One of the Tears of the Kingdom Sage Abilities.

This causes the companion to roll into a ball before getting launched off. If you target an enemy, they’ll get knocked back and take fire damage.

Sage of Spirit: Final Tears of the Kingdom Sage Abilities

Sage of Spirit. One of the Tears of the Kingdom Sage Abilities.

This is the final one of the Sage Abilities. This ability summons a massive Construct you can pilot and use however you see fit. It has two massive arms that can have any weapon attached to them. Each combination will affect the Construct’s abilities. For example, rockets will function as jetpacks and many other interactions.

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