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All Hogwarts Legacy Endings Explained – Spoilers!

All Hogwarts Legacy Endings Explained – Spoilers!

    Last Updated on June 6, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action role-playing game set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The game allows players to create their own witch or wizard and explore Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. Players can learn spells, brew potions, and master a variety of skills as they take on dangerous creatures and solve mysteries. Moreover, there are also three main Hogwarts Legacy endings, which are affected by player choices throughout the game. Players can choose to be good or evil characters, and their choices will have consequences for the world around them. 

In case you are wondering what these Hogwarts Legacy endings entail, then read on. Below, we will be explaining all of the game’s endings and how to actually trigger them. Due to the nature of this article, as we would be discussing the game’s main endings, let this serve as your spoiler warning. Proceed at your own discretion.

Hogwarts Legacy Endings: Good

Both good and bad Hogwarts Legacy endings take place below the wizarding school. The protagonist will be racing to the Repository underneath to get to the ancient magic before the game’s main villain, Ranrok, could. Players will be with Professor Fig in this scene, with several other Hogwarts professors fighting off the incoming goblin invasion. 

Eventually, the player and Professor Fig will be separated from the group to race down to the aforementioned Repository. There, players will have a key choice to make, which ultimately decides what ending they will get.

Professor Fig will then tell the players that their immense magic power makes them a candidate to assume the role of Keeper over the reservoir. After that, he will ask what they plan to do with the magic it entails. To get a good ending, players will need to respond to Professor Fig’s question with: “I intend to keep it contained here.” After responding positively to the answer, he will ask another question, which players will need to reply with “I shall keep it secret forever.”

Hogwarts Legacy Endings: Good

After this bit of dialog, players will eventually reach the Repository and have the final confrontation against Ranrok. Putting it simply, he will absorb the Repository’s power and transform into a dragon-like creature. This creature serves as Hogwarts Legacy’s final boss. After the fight, the ending cutscene should trigger. And since you responded positively to Professor Fig’s queries, you shall get a good ending.

In the good ending, players will struggle alongside Professor Fig to contain the magic as the entire area crumbles around them. They will succeed eventually, sealing the ancient magic away for good. Sadly, this struggle drained Professor Fig of his remaining energy, and will perish because of it but not before parting some good words with the player.

Hogwarts Legacy Endings: Bad

To get the bad ending, you simply have to answer negatively to the same queries Professor Fig will ask as you two run down to the Repository. When he asks what you intend to do with the ancient magic, reply with: “I intend to open it.” Understandably, Professor Fig will have a concerned look, but pay no attention to that. After all, you want to be an evil wizard, right? After a bit of warning, effectively giving the players another chance to get a good ending, respond with: “This power should not be kept from the world” or  “I want the power for myself.”

Hogwarts Legacy Endings: Bad

Assuming that you chose correctly, you should be fighting Ranrok down the Repository alone. Instead of Ranrok absorbing the ancient magic, it will be you, the player, who will. As you do, the player character’s eyes will glow red, effectively turning him/her into a bona fide dark wizard/witch. Nevertheless, players will not have a chance to test out this newfound power as the game itself will end ambiguously. All you should know is that the player character will be evil and Professor Fig will still die, albeit without any explanation as to how.

The True Ending

There is also a true ending that can be unlocked by completing all of the game’s side quests. In this ending, after the cutscene and the battle against Ranrok, players learn the truth about the ancient magic and its origins. They also learn that magic is not inherently good or evil. It can be for both good and evil purposes, depending on the user. Regardless of whether you pick the good ending choices or the bad ones, you can still have the true ending.

Hogwarts Legacy True Ending

To get the True Ending in Hogwarts Legacy, you must complete the following steps:

  • Complete the main story quest, “The Final Repository.”
  • Reach level 34.
  • Complete the side quest, “Weasley’s Watchful Eye.”
  • Win the House Cup.

If you complete all of these steps, you will unlock the True Ending. In the True Ending, your character will be awarded 100 points for their role in stopping Ranrok. This will lead their House to victory in the House Cup. The ending will also contain a short series of clips of some other classes in the year, and players even get to see students facing a Boggart in Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

Here are some additional details about the True Ending:

  • The True Ending is the only ending that features a cutscene of your character’s House winning the House Cup.
  • The True Ending is the only ending that features a short series of clips of some other classes in the year.
  • The True Ending is the only ending that features a scene of students facing a Boggart in Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

Which Ending is Best?

The best ending for you will depend on your own personal preferences. If you want to play as a good character and help others, then the good ending is the best choice for you. If you want to play as a powerful dark wizard, then the bad ending is the best choice for you. However, if you want to experience the full story of Hogwarts Legacy, then you should try to unlock the true ending.

Hogwarts Legacy has three main endings, each of which is affected by player choices. The good ending is the most in-theme, but the bad ending is also worth playing for the unique experience. The true ending is the most difficult to unlock, but it is also the most rewarding. Which ending you choose is up to you, but all three Hogwarts Legacy endings are worth experiencing. Truly, Warner Bros. Games did a wonderful job with this game.

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