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7 Best Spells in Sun Haven 

7 Best Spells in Sun Haven 

    Last Updated on April 27, 2023

Sun Haven is a land of magic, and the Best Spells in Sun Haven will help you in the game. This farming simulator differentiates itself with its fantasy, magic, and RPG elements. The skill trees are massive and there are a number of spells waiting for your skill points. 

While there are so many unlockable spells out there, we narrowed it down to the best of the best. The spells in this list are ranked based on their usefulness and impact. They are must-have skills that you should get as early as you can. Without further ado, let’s start listing out the 7 best spells in Sun Haven.

Chain Lightning

Become the God of Thunder with the spell, Chain Lightning. The chain lightning spell is part of the Combat skill tree in the 5th tier. This spell lets you cast a lightning bolt at an enemy, and it jumps to nearby enemies.

This combat spell is best used for groups of monsters who are too ignorant to stick together. If you played Sun Haven, you know that all monsters bunch up together when chasing you. Chain Lightning will significantly help you in your combat against the monsters

Best Spells in Sun Haven Chain Lightning


Cataclysm is also a part of the Combat skill tree located in the last tier. Since you can only get it in the later part of the game, it is a definitely overpowered spell. Cataclysm transforms you into a spinning ball of destruction, damaging enemies you collide with. 

Not only does it deal a ton of damage, but it also grants you a massive speed boost. This overpowered spell is useful in many situations. Feel free to abuse its power once you unlock it as you become the living wrecking ball.


If you have dreamed of becoming Goku in a farming simulator, Firebeam will fulfill your wish. Firebeam lets you cast a devastating ray of fire on your enemies. Casting fire spells never gets old in fantasy games where magic is available. 

While it is visually fun to cast beams of fire on your enemies, it is not as potent as you might think. However, it is great at punishing groups of enemies coming your way. The only downside to this skill is the high mana cost.

Bubble Net

Bubble Net solves your problems if you think that fishing is tedious and kinda hard to do. Casting this spell lets you conjure air bubbles that trap and capture any fish it travels over. You can unlock Bubble Net in the Fishing skill tree.

This skill levels up the coziness of the game. Bubble Net allows you to harvest the bounty of the sea with the press of a single button. Talk about nifty and useful!

Rain Cloud

Another time-saving spell, Rain Cloud saves you a ton of time when watering your crops. As the game progresses, your farm and crops expand to a massive scale. This makes watering them a time-consuming activity and it gets boring fast.

Thankfully, Rain Cloud is available in Sun Haven. Casting the spell allows you to summon a rain cloud that waters any crops it travels over. You can unlock this skill in the Farming skill tree.


If you are too bored to hack rocks endlessly at the mines, Vacuumulus solves this problem. Vacuumulus allows you to create a shockwave that shatters stones, ores, and enemies who are close to you.

This spell will certainly help you in your journey as you go deeper into the mines. You can unlock this extremely helpful spell in the Mining skill tree.

Air Skip

The only early-game spell that cracks this list is the best in the game. The Air Skip spell lets you perform a mid-air dash to move faster. Walking around Sun Haven gets tiring and boring fast, and this solves the problem.

Air Skip will be your primary method of moving until you get your mount. Even then, you’ll still need to move faster indoors or in combat. You can unlock this skill in the Exploration skill tree first tier.

That wraps it up for our 7 Best Spells in Sun Haven article. If you reached this part of this article, check out our Sun Haven Game Review

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