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5 Mobile Legends Heroes to Climb Rank

5 Mobile Legends Heroes to Climb Rank

    Last Updated on April 9, 2023

Playing ranked games in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the bases of your skill, and it’s crucial what Mobile Legends Heroes you use to climb ranks faster than the average player.

There are seven ranks in MLBB – Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and Mythic. Everyone starts in Warrior until you reach the Mythic rank.

If you have the right skill and familiarity with the game, you can choose any hero of your liking. However, if you don’t know which heroes to use, here are our picks to help you climb the ranks.

Mage: Eudora

Mobile Legends Heroes Eudora

Unlike other mages, Eudora is one of the most uncomplicated heroes since you just need to click her skills once. Furthermore, once you stun an enemy, you can quickly kill them unless they have Purify.

Her first skill, Forked Lightning, can damage multiple heroes as long as it is within range. Eudora’s second skill is Ball Lightning, which stuns enemies for over a second. It is also easy to control since you can now hero lock in Mobile Legends. Her ultimate is Thunder’s Wrath, which can quickly kill the target.

If you would use Eudora, you should stay in the bushes until an enemy approaches you. Then, you can stun them using your second skill, then cast your ultimate before killing them with your first skill.

Marksman: Miya

Mobile Legends Heroes Miya

If you are fond of using long-range heroes, Miya is the perfect hero. Since it received a massive buff in the recent patches by Moonton, it has become a meta in the game, especially when equipped.

Miya’s first skill, Moon Arrow, splits her basic attack into three arrows, which can be challenging for the enemy team. Her second skill, Arrow of Eclipse, will stun the enemy for over a second. Lastly, Miya’s ultimate, Hidden Moonlight, conceals her while increasing her movement speed by 35-65%.

If you use Miya, you should stay in the bushes before using your ultimate so the enemy would not know you would attack them. While invisible, you can cast her second skill, and once the enemy is stunned, you can continue to free-hit them. In addition, you can activate your first skill for additional damage, especially in a team fight.

Assassin: Saber

Mobile Legends Heroes Saber

Saber has been a staple in the Mobile Legends scenes for many years since it’s one of the most straightforward heroes to control. However, the downside of Saber is that it is a single-target hero, meaning that you can only cast your skill on one hero.

Saber’s first skill, Orbiting Swords, lets him shoot out five swords that orbit around him. When an enemy hero is in orbit, it could significantly damage them. His second skill, Charge, lets him dash toward a designated direction. Lastly, Saber’s ultimate, Triple Sweep, will knock the enemy team airborne for over a second, disabling them to attack.

If you used Saber, we advise you to cast Orbiting Swords first before using the second skill toward the enemy hero. Then, when the enemy hero is already within range, you can use Triple Sweep as the final blow.

Fighter: Balmond

Image of Fighter Balmund

Balmond is one of the Mobile Legends heroes that are hard to kill since his passive skill heals himself upon killing a minion and an enemy hero. Balmond is also hard to kill when equipped since he can be a tank and a fighter.

Balmond’s first skill is Soul Lock, which lets him charge forward, knock back, and slow the enemy he hits. Next, he will spin his second skill, Cyclone Sweep, with his giant axe continuously damaging nearby enemies. Lastly, Balmond’s ultimate is the Lethal Counter, which deals actual damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area before him.

If you use Balmond, it is best to use Soul Lock before casting the Cyclone Sweep while the enemy team is slow. Then, once you’ve already dealt damage, you can use Lethal Counter as the finisher, even if the enemy runs away.

Tank: Uranus

Image of Tank Uranus

Uranus is one of the only six pure tanks in Mobile Legends since he can only absolve the enemy team’s attacks. However, Uranus can jump into the front line and damage the enemy team to an extent before retreating to trigger the passive skill that lets him regenerate.

Uranus’s first skill, Ionic Edge, lets him release two energy blades that deal magic damage to an enemy target and slow them. His second skill, Transcendent Ward, lets hPurifyim charge toward the targeted location. Lastly, Uranus’s ultimate, Consecration, unleashes energy stores within his body to remove any slow effects inflicted upon him.

If you would use Uranus, you should first use Transcendent Ward to get in front of the enemy team before casting the Ionic Edge to damage them. While on the front line, you can also throw Consecration.

Since there is one hero in each category, it will also help you adjust within the composition of your team. If you now rise to the upper tier ranks, you can try other Mobile Legends heroes that are more complicated.

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