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3 Mobile Legends Support Heroes for Beginners

3 Mobile Legends Support Heroes for Beginners

    Last Updated on April 9, 2023

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the easiest to play is the support role. Yes, they cannot damage the enemy team as much as other types do, but these support heroes are the team’s backbone.

Assassins are usually the primary damage dealer of the team, while Mages can also do damage, especially in the early minutes. Fighters can also significantly help in team fights, while Tanks are perfect for setting up the team fight.

Support, meanwhile, usually stands behind the frontline. They do charity works such as healing teammates, providing map vision, and checking the location of the enemy team.

If you have difficulty finding your role in the team, try using these three easy-to-use support heroes. After all, the game has tons of characters for your to try and play at your own pace. You can practice using other heroes when you have the time.

Diggie, the Timekeeper

The most uncomplicated support hero to use is Diggie, the timekeeper. Using Diggie’s abilities, you can quickly check the bushes, damage the enemy to an extent, and ultimately make their skills useless.

Support Hero Diggie

You can place Diggie’s first skill, Auto Alarm Bomb, anywhere within reach where it would stay until it finds an enemy hero or minions. One explosion of Auto Alarm Bot deals 500-600 magic damage to the enemy, which can make their health low.

Diggie’s second skill, Reverse Time, locks the enemy hero in a specific area for four seconds before dealing 150-400 magic damage and slowing them by 80%. Reverse Time would immediately bring them back to the center if they walked away from the circle. Unlike Kaja’s ultimate, where he needs to be face-to-face with the enemy hero, Diggie can throw Reverse Time within a short distance.

Last, Diggie’s ultimate, Time Journey, is like no other since it provides a shield that absorbs damage dealt to him and his surrounding allies. Aside from the shield, Diggie’s Time Journey also lets him and the allies surrounding him immune to Control Effects.

When using Diggie, you don’t need to do anything unless placing the bomb on specific locations, casting your ultimate once the enemy team attacks, and placing Reverse Time to anyone who dares to attack you.

Estes, the Moon Elf King

M3 World Champions Blacklist International has used Estes, the Moon Elf King, for the past few seasons of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines. The team uses it so well that the enemy would constantly ban it.

Estes Mobile Legends Support Heroes

The main reason is that Estes is the god of healing of ML. His first ability, Moonlight Immersion, immediately restores his teammates’ 250-400 health while it also increases his own physical attack and magic power, movement, and his passive ability’s recharge speed.

The second skill of Estes is the Domain of the Moon Goddess, which deals damage to enemies around it while also slowing them. If an enemy hero tries to chase you or your teammate, you can cast the Domain of the Moon Goddess to retreat successfully.

The ultimate skill of Estes is one of the best healing abilities in Mobile Legends. The Blessing of the Moon Goddess lets Estes heal his teammates around him by over 1600 points. When Estes is fully equipped, trigger the Blessing of the Moon Goddess can easily sustain the damage the enemy heroes deal.

Rafaela, the Wings of Holiness

The female version of Estes, Rafaela, can also heal and support his teammates through her abilities. When appropriately used, Rafaela is a force to be reckoned with since she can do everything a support hero should do.

Image of Rafaela from Mobile Legends

Rafaela’s first skill, Light of Retribution, inflicts 225-500 magic damage to the three nearest enemies and slows them by 40% for 1.5 seconds. As the coll down of Light of Retribution is only a few seconds, the magic damage the Light of Retribution stacks up to three times when being hit in multiple succession within five seconds.

Rafaela’s second skill, Holy Healing, lets her heal herself and the most-injured nearby allies. It also increases their Movement Speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds, which can be crucial, especially in attacking or defending a site.

Lastly, her ultimate skill is Holy Baptism, which stuns the enemy directly in front of her for 1.5 seconds while dealing 460-600 magic damage. Once stunned, your teammates would have an opportunity to kill them without receiving retribution.

Diggie, Estes, and Rafaela are three of the easiest support heroes to use in Mobile Legends. However, we should warn you that you need to trust your teammates if you want to pick support heroes since you can’t kill an enemy and destroy towers by yourself.

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