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3 Best Mobile Legends Tank Heroes

3 Best Mobile Legends Tank Heroes

    Last Updated on April 30, 2023

To ensure your success in Mobile Legends, you’ll need to have the best Mobile Legends tank heroes on your side. After all, your Carries cannot deal their damage if there is no one to initiate or protect them.

Each and every role in Mobile Legends is unique and important. However, I believe that the role of the Tank is the most impactful and essential. That is why we decided to make this article to help you out in picking a Tank.

These characters are perfect for initiating battles, absorbing damage, and keeping your team alive. Here are the three best tank heroes in Mobile Legends that will help you win and climb the ranks:


Best Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca may not have the highest durability on this list, but he more than makes up for it with his crowd-control abilities. He can stun enemies with his first skill and create a powerful knock-up effect with his ultimate skill. Plus, his passive skill allows him to gain extra armor and magic resistance the more enemies that are nearby.

If you’re looking for a tank hero that can disrupt the enemy team and set up kills for your allies. Gatotkaca is one of those who are perfect for the role. He’s especially useful in the early game when enemies are still trying to build up their damage output.


Best Mobile Legends Tank Heroes Baxia

Baxia is a newer tank hero that has quickly become a fan favorite. He boasts extremely high durability and can regenerate his health over time thanks to his passive skill. But what really sets Baxia apart is his ability to deal area-of-effect damage with his first skill. 

Baxia is the best Sonic impression as you roll around disrupting everyone in your path. Additionally, Baxia’s ultimate skill lets you create a massive shield that absorbs incoming damage.

This shield is especially powerful when you’re playing against teams with a lot of damage dealers. Simply activate Baxia’s ultimate skill and watch as enemies struggle to make a dent in your health bar.


Image of Hylos Tank Hero in Mobile Legends

When it comes to the best tank heroes in Mobile Legends, Hylos is at the top of the list. He boasts massive durability and can regenerate his health at an incredible rate thanks to his passive skill. 

But what really makes Hylos stand out is his ability to boost his team’s movement speed with his ultimate skill. Add to that his other crowd-control abilities and you have the best tank hero in the game.

If you want a tank hero that can keep your team alive and set up kills with his crowd-control abilities. Hylos is the top-tier hero for that role. He’s especially effective in the late game when enemies are starting to deal massive damage.

If you want to be successful in Mobile Legends, you’ll need a great tank hero on your team. Whether you choose Gatotkaca, Baxia, or Hylos. You’ll be well-equipped to handle any team fights that come your way in the land of dawn. So, pick your hero, master their ultimate skill, and lead your team to victory!

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