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Wild Hearts Unlock Weapons: Complete Guide

Wild Hearts Unlock Weapons: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on January 2, 2024

Wild Hearts, a thrilling adventure game, offers players a dynamic range of weapons to navigate its exciting landscapes. Amongst these weapon options, the journey begins with the Karakuri Katana. However, three other weapons remain locked behind ‘???’. Players who want to unlock these other weapons will have to wait to get them.

In this article, we will discuss all the essential steps and moments required to unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts. This article will provide you with the key to unlocking new weapons in Wild Hearts.


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How to Unlock New Weapons in Wild Hearts

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When starting up Wild Hearts, you have no choice but to wield the Karakuri Katana. You will continue to use this weapon until you advance to the Tree Base in Harugasumi Way. Afterward, you will speak to Natsume the Blacksmith, who will offer to upgrade your weapon or build you new ones.

Here, the arsenal of 8 available weapon types displays other weapons you can build. However, question marks cover three of the weapons in the arsenal making you unable to make them. These locked weapons spark curiosity and anticipation for what lies beyond. Revealing the remaining weapons in Wild Hearts proves to be a journey along with the game’s narrative.

Unlocking Additional Weapons Through Story Progression

To unlock the new weapons in Wild Hearts, you have to advance through the game’s narrative and storyline. No other options to unlock new weapons in the game are available. To access the locked weapons, you must conquer mandatory story hunts. specifically: Ragetail, Sapscourge, Kingtusk, Spineglider, Lavaback, and Gritdog.

By focusing solely on these story hunts, you can efficiently unlock the locked weapons. To obtain new weapons in Wild Hearts, you need to complete the story. While it is hard to focus on the story hunts, you cannot unlock new weapons otherwise.

Detailed Sequence for Unlocking Weapons in Wild Hearts

Advancing through the story is the only way to unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts. Following the sequence, you will progress through the main storyline until they confront the Earthbreaker.

Engaging with key characters like Natsume and Toga Hime triggers the availability of other weapons. Specifically, the Hand Cannon, Claw blade, Blade and Karakuri Staff, offer players an expanded arsenal.

Here is the step-by-step sequence of unlocking new weapons in Wild Hearts:

  1. Continue progressing through the main story until it’s time to hunt the Earthbreaker. You have to steal its precious Mirrorstone item drops to advance further.
  2. Afterward, enjoy the celebratory festival and talk to Natsume to transition to a cutscene introducing Amaterasu.
  3. After waking up at home in Minato the next morning, talk to Toga Hime outside the upstairs exit to the home.
  4. Accept her request to go and protect the Tsuruhashi Clan of builders coming from Akikure Canyon to help Minato.
  5. After accepting this request, look in the top left at the optional objectives, one should be to ‘Talk to Natsume about a new weapon’.
  6. Talk to Natsume, she’ll talk more about the Hand Cannon and her ability to make more weapons. The Hand CannonClawblade, and Karakuri Staff should now be available.


Unlocking weapons in Wild Hearts adds depth and versatility to the gameplay experience. By following the outlined steps and story progression. You can swiftly access these locked weapons, empowering their characters with diverse combat capabilities.

Stay focused on the narrative quests to swiftly unlock the concealed weapons. Embark on an enriched adventure through Wild Hearts’ vibrant landscapes.

In conclusion, the journey to unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts requires you to advance through the main story. By adhering to the outlined steps and remaining focused on the mandatory story hunt. You can efficiently unlock these hidden weapons. Once you unlock them, it will enhance your gameplay experience and embrace the diverse combat styles these weapons offer.

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