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Wild Hearts Bow Guide: Mastering Long-Range Combat

Wild Hearts Bow Guide: Mastering Long-Range Combat

    Last Updated on January 2, 2024

In the vibrant world of Wild Hearts, the bow emerges as a pivotal weapon for dominating long-range combat. As adventurers journey through this captivating realm, understanding the ins and outs of the bow becomes essential. In this Wild Hearts Bow Guide, you will learn everything you need to know to master this weapon.

You can use the bow immediately in the early stages of Wild Hearts. You can start forging and upgrading it early to maximize its long-range capabilities and burst damage. Welcome to the definitive Wild Hearts Bow Guide – an essential walkthrough for mastering this ranged weapon in the game.


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Wild Hearts Bow Mechanics Guide

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The bow in Wild Hearts is all about speed and accuracy, offering various moves suitable for flexible combat styles. Mastering its basic functions is key: from special attacks to shifting between horizontal and vertical stances. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the bow’s mechanics to ensure you can wield it effectively.

The primary use of the bow is to be patient and set up for one massive attack on your enemy. You can do this by stacking as many arrows as you can into a Kemono and making them detonate all at once.

Here are the basic attacks of a bow in Wild Hearts:

  • Using the Special Attack will make you fire your arrow.
  • Pressing Light Attack will make you switch between your horizontal and vertical stance. These stances will make you shoot out two different sets of arrows. Your attacks during horizontal stance fire rapid-fire arrows that attach themselves to the target. Your vertical stance makes you fire heavily charged shots that detonate the other arrows.
  • Using the Heavy attack acts as your bolster to change your attacks. Using Bolster changes the moveset of your horizontal attacks. In addition, it is also how you will increase the power for your vertical stance shot.

In the heat of battle, strategic moves are crucial. Managing stamina while executing well-timed and effective combos is a must. Our guide provides insights into positioning for a tactical advantage against foes. Additionally, understanding and using Karakuri techniques is fundamental for bow mastery in Wild Hearts.

Advanced Techniques: Arrow Lodging and Combos

Going further into advanced techniques, players learn the art of lodging arrows effectively into targets. You can use Bolster to boost your bow two times for each fighting stance. When you Bolster your bow, it glows, allowing you to switch between stances without losing the charge.

In your horizontal stance without any Bolsters, you shoot a combo of three hits. Each attack will fire three arrows simultaneously.

A single Bolster in your horizontal stance turns it into a burst shot with your bow in Wild Hearts. This lets you continuously shoot arrows at the target for a few seconds. This attack uses stamina, but you can dodge to reposition or avoid enemy attacks.

With two Bolsters in your horizontal stance, it triggers a volley of arrows forming an arc in the sky. The arrows will fall onto a chosen area indicated by a circular marker on the floor. It’s tough to hit with this attack, but it’s effective for lodging numerous arrows into a Kemono, especially when it’s stunned.

In the vertical stance, your regular attack fires a single heavy arrow. A single use of Bolster increases the power of your vertical shot. This will unleash a Piercing Shot that hits the Kemono multiple times if you line up your shot to pass through its body.

If you fully boost your vertical stance twice, you perform the Resonant Shot. This powerful shot requires you to stand still for a short time as you draw your bow more than usual in Wild Hearts. You can’t roll out of this attack, so ensure you’re in a safe spot when using it. The Resonant Shot, along with other vertical stance shots, detonates every lodged arrow in a Kemono.


Mastering the bow in Wild Hearts requires agility, precision, and strategic thinking. This comprehensive guide equips players with strategies for wielding the bow with finesse in long-range combat. Embrace this guide, harness the bow’s power, and conquer the challenges that await in Wild Hearts.

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