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What I Want from Game Developers 

What I Want from Game Developers 

    Last Updated on March 29, 2023

Being a gamer comes with its own set of controversies and drama, and game developers are no exception to this. We often see gamers criticize game developers left and right in the gaming industry. As a gamer, I am no exception to that rule.

I am one of those who is the gaming industry’s biggest fan and its worst critic. It is hard to let things slide when the game devs butcher a game you love. Additionally, gamers’ criticisms and feedback are what ultimately make the games we play better. 

In this article, let us talk about the dream situation we gamers want with the developers of the games that we love. In our very own fairy tale world where things do not go wrong, this is what we want from our developers.

Game Developers Please Release Games When They are Ready

This part of the article will contain some major Game Freak slander. How many times have we seen Game Freak drop the ball on one of the biggest video game franchises in the world?

Game Freak is so lucky that Pokemon is too big to fail. Since there are no alternatives that can catch up to the franchise’s success, it does not matter what Game Freak churns out because it will still sell like hotcakes.

Yes, you can criticize the company’s actions but it does not matter. Pokemon games still sell like crazy, largely because its community is diehard fanatics of the franchise (like me). The recent Nintendo Switch installments of Pokemon are so full of bugs that it drives you insane.

Not only are there bugs, but also glaring flaws in the games themselves. Graphically speaking, Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch pale in comparison to the other triple-A games on the console for example Zelda BOTW.

What is Game Freak’s Opinion?

Game Freak’s common excuse for that matter is that the Switch’s capability is limited. But, Breath of the Wild was breathtaking from a graphics standpoint. So that excuse is simply null and void. Game Freak is simply too lazy and just wants the money.

The main reason for Game Freak’s buggy and lackluster installments of Pokemon is their insistence to make yearly installments of the franchise. When mainline games are rushed to that point, you can expect that the game will look raw, unfinished, and lackluster.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus could have easily been a top-tier game due to the game’s fresh and reimagined play style. But because of the game-breaking bugs that persist up to this day, it never reached the potential it possesses.

Game Freak is only one example of releasing rushed games that are still full of bugs. This is a warning to all the game developers out there who does this. While its consequences are easily resolved, please give the fans what they deserve.

Release the games only when they are ready because the fans can wait for a masterpiece, rather than playing an unfinished game. If you liked this article, you can read more on our website. You can also follow us on Twitter for the latest esports and gaming news.

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