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Top 10 FE Engage Best Units for Combat

Top 10 FE Engage Best Units for Combat

    Last Updated on September 27, 2023

Fire Emblem Engage, the latest installment in the beloved tactical role-playing game series, is not just about commanding armies and conquering foes. It’s about assembling the FE Engage best units to carry you through the trials and tribulations of Elyos.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the heart of Engage and unveil the ten strongest units that will propel your adventure to new heights. From archers with untapped potential to spellcasters with deadly precision, we’ve got it all covered.

#10. Alcryst – The Diamond in a Rough

An image of Alcryst

Starting off this FE Engage best units list is Alcryst. Alcryst may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of powerhouse units, but don’t let his initial self-doubt fool you. This young Lord has the potential to surpass even his older brother, Diamant.

With a unique class that turns him into a fearsome Archer and a Luna skill that ignores enemy defenses, Alcryst becomes a human cannonball, dealing devastating critical hits and taking down foes left and right.

#9. Pandreo – The High Priest

An image of Pandreo

In the world of Fire Emblem, staff users often fly under the radar, but Engage has a hidden gem in Pandreo. As a High Priest, he not only provides valuable support to your team but also boasts impressive combat abilities.

He can wield almost all of the powerful staves available in the game. With exceptional speed and magical prowess, Pandreo can hold his own on the battlefield, making him a must-have addition to any squad.

#8. Chloé – The Speedy Flier

An image of Chloe

Speed is a crucial attribute in the world of Fire Emblem, and Chloé has it in abundance. Regardless of the challenge, Chloé can outmaneuver even the swiftest foes, keeping them at bay with ease. This lets her deal a respectable amount of damage thanks to multiple attacks.

What makes her truly exceptional is her enduring relevance throughout the game. As a Griffon Knight, she gains access to staves, allowing you to shape her into a merciless attacker or a saintly supporter, depending on your strategy.

#7. Kagetsu – The Wandering Swordsman

An image of Kagetsu

Kagetsu’s journey began as a wandering swordsman who found himself in Ivy’s service, but it didn’t take long for him to prove his worth. In terms of raw combat prowess, Kagetsu stands tall among the FE Engage best units.

While some might expect him to fall behind due to modest growth rates, he defies expectations and remains a formidable force on the battlefield. He can hold his own in most combats, and he can easily kill enemies as a Swordmaster.

#6. Pannete – The One-Shot Berserker

An image of Panette

Joining the party later than most, Panette might seem like an afterthought, but her potential is undeniable. As a Berserker, she excels at dealing massive damage to her enemies. After all, dealing the most damage possible can easily make you one of the FE Engage Best Units.

What truly sets her apart is her unique skill, Blood Fury, which grants a substantial critical hit rate when her health is low. Panette is a one-hit-wonder, capable of dispatching foes with a single blow, making her invaluable in late-game scenarios.

#5. Diamant – The Stalwart Tank

Diamant the fifth Fire Emblem Engage best units

Diamant, the crown prince of Brodia, is a stalwart tank on the battlefield. His prowess as a frontline hero is unmatched, especially when you promote him to the Successeur class. With the Sol ability, Diamant can recover HP based on the damage he deals, turning him into a self-sustaining juggernaut. Pair him with emblem-wielding heroes like Ike and Roy, and watch him become an unstoppable force.

#4. Seadall – Dance to Victory

Seadall the fourthFire Emblem Engage best units

In every Fire Emblem game, dancers or singers are game-changers, and Seadall is no exception. As a Dancer, he grants your allies the ability to act more than once in a single turn, breaking the game’s mechanics with ease.

The sole Dancer is easily one of the FE Engage best units thanks to its strategical use. While Seadall may not be the best fighter on the team, his utility in allowing your other units to shine makes him a top-tier choice.

#3. Ivy – Devastating Aerial Magic

Ivy the third Fire Emblem Engage best units

Elusia’s eldest princess, Ivy, made quite the entrance with her captivating beauty, but her prowess as a flying magic unit is equally enchanting. She is easily in the Top 3 of FE Engage Best Units for a good reason. Ivy is highly capable of dealing a massive amount of magic damage to her foes.

Ivy can rain down destruction from a safe distance, and when she promotes, she gains the ability to support her allies with staves. Despite occasional accuracy issues, Ivy shines when it counts the most, making her a versatile addition to your team.

#2. Hortensia – Master of Staff Utility

Hortensia the 2nd Fire Emblem Engage best units

Staff users in Fire Emblem Engage play a vital role, and Hortensia reigns supreme in this category. As the Top 2 FE Engage best units, Hortensia’s utility is one of the best. She wields powerful staves and magic that can be used in various scenarios.

With the World Tree class skill, she has a chance to waive a staff’s use, thanks to her high Dexterity stat. Additionally, her personal skill, Big Personality, grants her extended staff range, solidifying her position as the best staff user in the game. Hortensia is the key to strategic movement and healing on the battlefield.

#1. Alear – The Protagonist’s Strength

Alear, The top 1 Fire Emblem Engage best units

As the main protagonist, Alear is destined to be one of the FE Engage best units. They come equipped with unique skills, such as Divinely Inspiring, which boosts adjacent allies’ damage. Alear’s presence on the battlefield is mandatory for story maps, ensuring they remain formidable to avoid soft-locking the player. Whether acting as a buffer or gaining experience, Alear is the linchpin of your squad’s success.

In Fire Emblem Engage, assembling a top-tier team is essential for overcoming the challenges that lie ahead. These ten units, each with their unique strengths and abilities, stand out as the best of the best. From Alcryst’s precision archery to Alear’s overarching influence, these heroes will lead your journey to victory. Remember, a well-balanced team is the key to triumph in this tactical masterpiece, so choose your champions wisely.

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