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Starfield Romance Options: All Characters You Can Romance

Starfield Romance Options: All Characters You Can Romance

    Last Updated on January 31, 2024

In the vast universe of Starfield, players can engage in more than just space exploration and combat; they can also explore personal relationships with their crew members. Among the many companions you’ll meet on your journey, a select few offer deeper connections through Starfield Romance Options.

This article will guide you through the stars and into the hearts of the characters you can romance, enriching your interstellar adventure with a touch of human connection.


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Overview of Romance Options in Starfield

As you navigate through the cosmos, you’ll encounter over twenty companions, each with a unique story. However, when it comes to romance, only four companions are open to a deeper relationship. These Starfield Romance Options add a layer of personal storytelling, allowing players to build bonds beyond the camaraderie of crewmates.

Building Romance in Starfield

To unlock Starfield Romance Options, you must first understand what makes each companion tick. Building a strong relationship goes beyond simple interactions; it requires paying attention to their preferences, dislikes, and personal histories. Each companion has specific triggers that deepen your bond, leading to potential romantic involvement.

Romancing Andreja

Andreja Starfield Romance Options

Andreja stands out as a laid-back and appealing companion, making her a popular choice for those looking to explore romance in Starfield. To win her over, you’ll need to align with her easygoing nature. She’s tolerant of most actions but has a strong aversion to violence against innocents and bribery. By engaging in flirtatious dialogue and completing the “Divided Loyalties” quest, you’ll open the door to romance with Andreja.

Winning Barrett’s Heart

Barrett Starfield

Barrett’s journey is tinged with tragedy, having lost his first husband before the events of Starfield. Despite this, he maintains a positive outlook, which players should mirror to build a connection. Barrett appreciates kindness and is turned off by arrogance and immoral actions. Flirting and navigating through his “Breach of Contract” quest will eventually lead to a romantic opportunity with this endearing character.

The Path to Romancing Sam Coe

Sam Starfield Romance Options

Sam Coe’s admiration for the Freestar Rangers is key to forming a romantic bond. Show respect for the organization and make righteous choices to appeal to his moral compass. Sam also cherishes his daughter, Cora, and treating her with the utmost kindness will endear you to him. Successfully navigating these interactions and completing the “Matters of the Heart” quest will unlock the option to romance Sam.

Pursuing a Relationship with Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan Starfield

Sarah Morgan values diplomacy and rule-following, making her one of the more challenging Starfield Romance Options. Avoid violence, deception, and theft to stay in her good graces. Praising Constellation and taking the high road in your choices will resonate with her. Once you’ve triggered the “In Memoriam” quest, you’ll have the chance to develop a romantic relationship with Sarah.

Who is the Best Romance Option in Starfield?

Romance in Starfield might not be as fleshed out as in some other RPGs, but it still offers interesting insights into your companions’ lives. While some players may find the romance quests lackluster, others will appreciate the depth they add to character development.

Barrett’s backstory, for instance, is particularly compelling, making his romance option a poignant exploration of his character. Similarly, Andreja’s quest sheds light on her personality, although whether the effort is worth it remains subjective.

Ultimately, the best romanceable character in “Starfield” is the one that resonates with you. Whether you’re drawn to Andreja’s carefree spirit, Barrett’s resilience, Sam’s righteousness, or Sarah’s diplomacy, each relationship offers its own rewards. It’s about finding the companion who complements your playstyle and your character’s story.

The Role of Choice in Starfield Romance Options

Romancing in Starfield is not just about the end goal; it’s about the journey. As you interact with each potential partner, you learn more about their past, their hopes, and their fears. This narrative richness is what makes the Starfield Romance Options more than just a gameplay mechanic. It’s a chance to explore the emotional landscape of your companions and perhaps find a kindred spirit among the stars.

In Starfield, your choices have consequences, and this extends to the realm of romance. The way you handle missions, interact with other characters, and make decisions will influence how your companions perceive you. It’s a delicate dance of actions and reactions that can lead to a blossoming romance or a missed connection.

The romance options in “Starfield” offer a unique opportunity to delve into the personal lives of your companions. As you share experiences and face challenges together, the bonds you form can evolve into something more intimate. It’s these human connections that can bring warmth and depth to the cold expanse of space.


The Starfield Romance Options may not be the central focus of your intergalactic journey, but they provide a meaningful diversion for those interested in character development and personal storytelling.

Whether you’re seeking companionship, looking to understand your crew on a deeper level, or just curious about the romantic possibilities. The relationships you cultivate can add a memorable dimension to your “Starfield” experience.

As you chart your course through the stars, consider taking the time to get to know your companions on a deeper level. Who knows, amidst the cold expanse of space, you might just find warmth in the hearts of those you travel with.

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