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Splatoon Most Voted for Anime Adaptation

Splatoon Most Voted for Anime Adaptation

    Last Updated on December 30, 2022

Did you know that Splatoon might get an anime adaptation? A poll on Anime! Anime! made a poll asking fans which game they want animated. They also surveyed a large number of respondents.

35% of those respondents registered as male, 60% female, and 5% as other. Also, those who voted have varying age groups. A whopping 55% are under 19 years old, 20% are in their twenties, and another 20% are older than twenty.

Splatoon ranks as the number one game fans want to see animated. It was originally in second place, but it easily overtook Xenoblade and The Legend of Zelda. Although teenagers dominated the survey, there are plenty of reasons why Splatoon should get an adaptation.

What is Splatoon?

It is a 3rd-person shooter video game created by Hisashi Nogami. Nintendo owns the game and helped develop it. Even more, Splatoon sets us in a post-apocalyptic Earth populated by anthropomorphic marine mammals.

The video game also lets us play as cephalopods known as Octolings and Inklings. They can also transform at will to engage in turf battles using a variety of weapons. These weapons produce ink during their human form and swim in it while in cephalopod form.

Due to its unique gameplay, the game received positive reviews from plenty of gamers. Even more, positive feedback came when Splatoon was still for the Wii U console. The franchise got rewards and nominations from various gaming publications.

Anime Battle from Splatoons

What to Expect from the Anime Adaptation

Gamers know Splatoon for its unique gameplay and playstyle. However, people also approve of its astounding soundtrack. Fans expect to explore the world of Splatoon. They want to know more about the story so far and what’s happening next.

We can expect a flashy anime adaptation soon, in 2023. You can follow us on social media to stay updated about this news. If you want to read about other games, head over to our website.

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