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Crazy and Heartwarming Gaming News Recently

Crazy and Heartwarming Gaming News Recently

    Last Updated on March 29, 2023

Today, we will talk about the crazy gaming news (and wholesome ones) that happened recently. If you are a long-time citizen of the gaming world, you know that there is no shortage of crazy and heartwarming stories in our field. If you are wondering what is currently happening right now, we will bring you stories that will make your eyes pop or your heart feel lighter than air. 

Pokemon Go is Very Much Alive in Singapore

Pokemon Go is one of those games that has a certain appeal that never dies, and it also helps that the Pokemon community is full of passionate diehard fans.

At its peak, 232 million players are on their quest to catch them all. 

After six long years, father time has reduced the active players’ population to more than half compared to its release. Even though the players’ population has diminished, Pokemon Go is still alive.

Sensor Tower reported in June that players had spent a total of $6 billion on the game since its launch in 2016.

I, for one, am a living example that believes the Pokemon Go community is still thriving up to this day. But enough about me, and let’s talk about the scene in Singapore. Pokemon Go Youtube personality Brandon Tan can attest that the game is alive in Singapore. 

An example of Pokemon Go’s thriving community in Singapore is the event known as the Safari Zone, recently held last November 18-20, 2022.

In the event, Niantic reported that 18,000 players attended the three-day event. Brandon estimates that Singapore currently houses 40,000 – 60,000 active players. 

“I’ve played other games since I was 10, but I can’t find any game that brings the same feeling and sentimental value that I get out of Pokemon GO. The community and friendships you build from playing this game are truly special.”

Brandon states that Pokemon GO is “a very special game”

The story of finding communities and friendships that makes gamers feel safe and loved is the most heartwarming news that you can find. Always remember, even the geekiest or nerdiest gamer can find a place to belong because everyone deserves that feeling.

Billions Spent on the Metaverse 

Crazy gaming news kid wearing virtual reality goggles

Now that you have read the heartwarming news, let us jump right into the crazy ones. Did you know that in the last 12 months, people have spent an estimated total of 2 billion dollars on virtual land in the metaverse? 

What’s crazy about this news is that the metaverse is far from being a single immersive space online. People are racing to empty their wallets to get a headstart if things come to fruition in the future. But, hey, technology is evolving faster than before. The metaverse might be fully integrated into our lives sooner rather than later. 

Artist Angie Taylor is one of those who are known as land moguls in the metaverse; constantly procuring land in the virtual world.

“I bought my first metaverse parcel in July 2020 and paid about £1,500. I bought it for exhibiting my work, but also for running metaverse events that would promote my art and also other people’s art.”

The size of Angie’s plots is comparable to a small family home. The tallest building has three floors and a roof terrace with a road crossing with white and black stripes. There’s also a pink taxi always driving back and forth for amusement. She built two galleries full of digital artwork sold in cryptocurrency on her land in the Voxels world.

According to metaverse analysts DappRadar, $1.93 billion in cryptocurrencies was used to purchase virtual land in the last year alone. Reports even say $22 million going toward purchasing around 3,000 Voxel pieces of land.

The upward trend of digital technology will always remain the same. As we move on to a more technologically-advanced era; expect that news like this will be more common than one might think. 

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