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Petra Tea Party Guide: Best Teas and Conversation Topics Fire Emblem Three Houses

Petra Tea Party Guide: Best Teas and Conversation Topics Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Last Updated on October 26, 2023

Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers players a unique opportunity to engage with their favorite characters in various ways, one of which is hosting tea parties. In this guide, we’ll delve into how to make Petra Macneary, the princess of Brigid, feel right at home during a tea party.


Felix Tea Party Guide: Best Teas and Conversation Topics Fire Emblem: Three Houses – KJC eSports

Petra Character Information

Petra Tea Party Image

Before diving into the art of tea parties, let’s get to know Petra a little better. As a foreign princess studying at the Officer’s Academy, Petra’s unwavering determination to learn is admirable. To unlock Tea Time with Petra, you’ll need to accomplish Ferdinand’s quest, “Tea for Two,” which allows you to access tea party events during birthdays and free exploration.

When it comes to selecting the perfect tea for Petra, two options stand out: Ginger Tea and Four-Spice Blend. These choices are sure to delight her. As for gifts, consider items like Smoked Meat, a Hunting Dagger, Owl Feather, Sunflower, and Exotic Spices, all of which she holds in high regard.

Petra Tea Party Topics and Conversations

The heart of a successful tea party lies in engaging conversations. Petra enjoys discussions on a variety of topics, including “A dinner invitation…” and “Exploring the monastery…” Engaging with her on these subjects can enhance your relationship in the game.

Here is a full list of Petra’s preferred topics during Tea Parties:

Tea Party Conversation Topics
A dinner invitationA new gambitA place you’d like to visitA strong battalionA word of advice
Books you’ve read recentlyCapable comradesCatsClasses you might enjoyClose calls
Equipment upkeepEvaluating alliesExploring the MonasteryFashionFodlan’s future
Gifts you’d like to receiveGuessing someone’s ageHeart-racing memoriesHopes for your futureI’m counting on you
Likeable alliesMighty weaponsMonastery mysteriesMonastery rulesOvercoming weaknesses
Past laughsPlans for the futurePotential training partnersRelaxing at the SaunaSchool days
Shareable snacksSomeone you look up toStrange fish in the pondSwimming in the oceanTell me about yourself
Thanks for everythingThe ideal relationshipThe last battleThe Library’s collectionThe view from the bridge
Things you find romanticWorking hours for guardsWorking togetherYou seem differentYou seem well
You’re doing great workYour ambitions

Final Conversations

Towards the end of your tea party, you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your connection with Petra. You will unlock Final Conversations when you use her favorite tea in your tea party with Petra.

Here is a full list of Petra’s preferred reactions during Final Conversations:

Final Conversation – Preferred Reactions
“Laugh” or “Disagree” at admiring your diligence“Praise” or “Sigh” at being a hostage in Enbarr“Praise” or “Sigh” at feeling a bit lonely“Sip Tea” or “Blush” at having great pleasure to be speaking to you“Chat” at listening to your problems
“Chat” or “Sigh” at not remembering where your homeland is“Laugh” or “Admonish” at requiring much sleep to be staying alert“Praise” or “Admonish” at studying, training, researching, and sparring“Nod” or “Blush” at wanting to show you the wonderful land of Brigid

In summary, hosting a tea party with Petra in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a delightful experience that can significantly impact your in-game relationship with her. By selecting the right tea, gifts, and conversation topics, you can make her feel appreciated and valued.

Remember, Petra’s story is one of resilience and determination, and your tea parties can reflect this by fostering a deep bond between you and the princess of Brigid.

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