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Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels: How to Unlock

Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels: How to Unlock

    Last Updated on January 5, 2024

Get ready to sharpen your knives and put on your aprons, because we’re diving into the world of Overcooked 2. This co-op cooking simulation game isn’t just about dishing out orders in increasingly wacky kitchens. The game is also about uncovering mysteries and secrets, such as the secret Kevin Levels in Overcooked 2.

The adorable canine companion of the Onion King, Kevin, is the basis of the names of these levels. Kevin Levels adds extra layers of fun and excitement to the game. Let’s figure out how to uncover these culinary quests and become master chefs in Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels.


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The Hunt for Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels

Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels Image

In Overcooked 2, not all levels are served on a silver platter. Some are tucked away, waiting for the most observant and skilled chefs to unlock them. We’re discussing the infamous Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels. These levels are a series of hidden stages that will test your cooking prowess and capabilities to the max.

These levels don’t just pop up, they require you to meet specific goals that will push your culinary skills to their limits. So, where do you start? Keep an eye on the flag posts on each course— a blinking ball at the top might just lead you to Kevin’s secret kitchen!

Base Game Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels Requirements

Before you can don the chef’s hat in these exclusive kitchens, you’ll need to meet the Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels criteria. Whether you’re a lone wolf in the kitchen or part of a bustling team, each level has its own set of challenges.

From achieving a double tip combo to reaching a high score, these tasks will demand your best efforts. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need to unlock each Kevin Level in the base game. We separated the requirements because they differ for a solo chef and as part of a culinary crew.

Kevin LevelUnlocked In Solo RequirementsTeam Requirement
11-3Tip Combo 2xTip Combo 2x
22-2Tip Combo 3xTip Combo 5x
32-4Reach 600 PointsReach 1000 Points
43-1Reach 600 PointsReach 1100 Points
54-3Tip Combo 4xTip Combo 5x
64-5Reach 400 PointsReach 500 Points
75-5Tip Combo 5xTip Combo 8x
86-4Tip Combo 5xTip Combo 7x

DLC Packs and Additional Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels

The base game is just the beginning. Overcooked 2 boasts a smorgasbord of DLC packs, each bringing its own set of Kevin Levels to conquer. These extra levels continue the trend of challenging chefs to step up their game.

For a few bucks, you can dive into new themed adventures, complete with their own Kevin Levels to unlock. From beachside barbecues in “Surf ‘N’ Turf” to wilderness cooking in “Campfire Cook Off”. Each DLC not only expands your culinary horizons but also tests your ability to work under pressure.

Here are the requirements to unlock Kevin Levels in each DLC:

Surf N Turf DLC:

Kevin LevelUnlocked In WorldSolo RequirementsTeam Requirements
12-2Acquire One StarAcquire One Star

Campfire Cook Off DLC:

Kevin LevelUnlocked In WorldSolo RequirementsTeam Requirements
11-3Tip Combo 4xTip Combo 4x
22-3Tip Combo 5xTip Combo 5x
33-3Reach 600 PointsReach 800 Points

Night of the Hangry Horde DLC:

Kevin LevelUnlocked In WorldSolo RequirementsTeam Requirements
11-2Tip Combo 5xTip Combo 5x
22-2Reach 500 PointsReach 800 Points
33-2Tip Combo 7xTip Combo 8x

Carnival of Chaos DLC:

Kevin LevelUnlocked In WorldSolo RequirementsTeam Requirements
11-3Reach 400 PointsReach 500 Points
22-3Tip Combo 5xTip Combo 7x
33-3Reach 450 PointsReach 600 Points

Strategies for Unlocking Kevin Levels

Unlocking Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels is no piece of cake. It requires a blend of strategy, coordination, and a pinch of luck. Here’s the kicker: the requirements scale up when you play with friends, so communication is key.

Assign roles, stick to a game plan, and don’t be afraid to toss ingredients across the kitchen to save time. If the kitchen gets too hot and things go south, it’s okay to start over. Sometimes, a fresh start is what you need to clinch those coveted tip combos or hit that high score.


There you have it, chefs, your guide to unlocking Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels and adding even more zest to your cooking capers. These hidden levels are the secret sauce that makes Overcooked 2 a game you’ll come back to time and time again.

So rally your team, sharpen your strategies, and dive back into the kitchen. Those Kevin Levels won’t unlock themselves, and the glory of victory awaits those who rise to the challenge. Happy cooking, and may your dishes be ever flavorful!

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