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Otter Nobunaga Chained Echoes: Location and How to Defeat

Otter Nobunaga Chained Echoes: Location and How to Defeat

    Last Updated on October 20, 2023

Gamers exploring the vast world of Chained Echoes may have stumbled upon unique monsters during their adventures. These extraordinary encounters often hold special rewards for players. One such unique monster is Otter Nobunaga in Chained Echoes.

In this guide, we’ll focus on locating and defeating a charming but formidable foe, Otter Nobunaga, within the Arkant Archipelago area. So, let’s dive into the exciting journey of finding Otter Nobunaga in Chained Echoes.


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Location and Conditions

Otter Nobunaga Chained Echoes image

Otter Nobunaga awaits in the stunning Arkant Archipelago. Specifically, you can find the unique monster along the beach. However, there’s a catch to this encounter. To meet Otter Nobunaga, you must first remove all your character’s equipment, except for accessories. Once you remove your equipment, Otter Nobunaga will appear once you enter the area.

You can equip everything back after entering the area as long as Otter Nobunaga already appeared. Don’t worry, Otter Nobunaga won’t force you into battle without your equipment.

Otter Nobunaga’s Abilities in Chained Echoes

This charming otter is no pushover in combat. Otter Nobunaga boasts powerful melee skills. Watch out for its Sword Strike, a fierce single-target attack. Its Arc Swing, on the other hand, can strike your entire party, making it essential to keep your team’s health in check.

To add to the challenge, Otter Nobunaga employs “Charming Cuteness” to charm your entire party. Once charmed, your characters will be unable to switch.

Battling Otter Nobunaga in Chained Echoes

To emerge victorious, you’ll need a solid strategy. Debuff Otter Nobunaga to weaken its attacks and unleash your most potent abilities. Be prepared to heal your party when necessary. If your characters become charmed, the only remedy is to wait patiently.

Just keep hitting Otter Nobunaga with your best attacks and make sure that your members survive. Keep doing this as the battle is not that difficult. Once you defeat Otter Nobunaga in Chained Echoes, you will earn some reputable rewards.


Conquering Otter Nobunaga is worth the effort. After the battle, you’ll be rewarded with an “Emperor’s Hide” – a valuable item for your adventures. Additionally, you’ll receive 400 in-game currency (400a) and 50 Skill Points (50 SP) for your hard-earned victory. For an extra bonus, consider visiting a Guild Leader to claim an additional 3,000 in-game currency (3,000a). With these rewards, you’ll be well-equipped to face even greater challenges in the world of Chained Echoes.


Finding and defeating Otter Nobunaga in Chained Echoes might seem like a challenging endeavor, but with the right strategy and preparation, it’s a rewarding experience. This charming otter’s unique abilities and lucrative rewards make it a memorable part of your gaming journey.

Keep in mind that Chained Echoes offers various exciting challenges and encounters, and mastering them is all part of the fun. So, follow this guide, gear up, and prepare for an unforgettable battle with Otter Nobunaga. Happy gaming!

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