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Nintendo Switch Sports Will Add Basketball in Update

Nintendo Switch Sports Will Add Basketball in Update

    Last Updated on June 26, 2024

Get ready to lace up your virtual sneakers and hit the digital hardwood, because Nintendo Switch Sports Basketball is making its way into your gaming lineup. With the latest announcement from Nintendo Direct, it’s clear that a fresh wave of excitement is about to sweep over Nintendo Switch owners. The basketball update to Nintendo Switch Sports, released back in 2022, is not just a slam dunk for sports enthusiasts; it may just be the transformative play that expands the game’s appeal even further.

Current Popularity of Nintendo Switch Sports

You’ve probably noticed that Nintendo Switch Sports has been a constant favorite among gamers, comfortably sitting as a top-20 all-time Nintendo Switch game. Here are some quick stats to show just how well it’s been received:

  • Nintendo Switch Sports: 13.11 million copies sold

It’s impressive, right? The game has maintained its allure by encouraging players like you to get up and move, combining the fun of video game competition with the benefits of physical activity. Now with Nintendo Switch Sports Basketball joining the ranks, it’s set to reach even greater heights.

Impact of Basketball in Gaming

Why is basketball such a significant addition? Well, Nintendo Switch Sports Basketball is poised to resonate with a massive audience that loves to dribble and dunk, even in the virtual realm. The existing lineup of sports, including soccer and tennis, is already thrilling. However, the universal appeal of basketball could very well introduce Nintendo Switch Sports to legions of new fans around the globe.

Gameplay Dynamics of Nintendo Switch Sports Basketball

Curious about how you’ll play basketball in the game? Using the Joy-Con, you’ll mimic the motion of shooting a basketball. Aiming to nail that perfect three-pointer or swish a free-throw. Check out these engaging modes you can look forward to:

  • 2v2 Games: Challenge online opponents or partner up with a friend.
  • Three-Point Challenge: Hone your shooting skills solo.
  • Five-Streak Battle: Engage in a fast-paced shootout with friends.

No accessories needed here – just grab your Joy-Con and prepare to showcase your hoop skills with intuitive gameplay that captures the essence of the sport.

Anticipation for Future Sports Additions

Could this be the start of even more sports joining the excitement of Nintendo Switch Sports? Fans who cherished the Wii Sports series are likely to have high hopes, especially given the success of basketball in these classic games. As you cheer for the addition of Nintendo Switch Sports Basketball, the question on everyone’s lips is: What’s next? Baseball? Boxing? We’ll have to wait and see which ones make the cut.


As the summer season approaches and Nintendo Switch Sports Basketball gears up to hit the scene, the anticipation is palpable. This update could be the winning shot for the ever-evolving world of Nintendo Switch Sports. Especially if it manages to draw in new players and rekindle the competitive spirit of existing fans. So keep your eyes on the ball, and get ready to experience the game-changing thrill of Nintendo Switch Sports.

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