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Metaphor: ReFantazio Won’t Have Romance as Explained by the Director

Metaphor: ReFantazio Won’t Have Romance as Explained by the Director

    Last Updated on June 24, 2024

As you venture into the world of Atlus’s upcoming RPG Metaphor: ReFantazio, you might be expecting a familiar blend of battle mechanics and character interactions reminiscent of the Persona series. However, Katsura Hashino, the game’s director, has set the record straight: Metaphor: ReFantazio romance will not be part of your journey. This narrative choice is stirring discussions and resetting expectations within the gaming community.

Comparisons and Contrasts with Persona

At first glance, Metaphor: ReFantazio shares a striking resemblance with the beloved Persona franchise, from its user interface to the dynamic battle mechanics. Yet, it is in its core narrative decisions where Metaphor: ReFantazio sets itself apart. It is distinctly void of the romance bonds that many associated with the series.

Director’s Explanation of Romance Exclusion in Metaphor: ReFantazio

Metaphor: ReFantazio takes a different thematic direction, and Hashino provided clarity on this choice. The adventure steers clear of Metaphor: ReFantazio romance not because love is unimportant. Moreover, because the narrative’s heart is governance, not adolescence. In this epic, players embody a leader aiming for the throne. A narrative depth that the director felt would be diluted by the inclusion of romance.

Development Philosophy and Decision-Making Process

Studio Zero’s commitment to crafting a distinct experience led them to discard Metaphor: ReFantazio romance from their storytelling palette. Hashino’s team, fuelled by the vision they sought for their players, moved away from romance in favor of focusing on the trials of rising to power.

The community’s response to the absence of Metaphor: ReFantazio romance has been varied, with many pondering whether the intimacy of ruling could introduce romantic elements in sequels. Hashino’s foresight leaves room for intrigue and speculation, with the notion that even a sovereign might eventually need a consort.


As the veil lifts on Metaphor: ReFantazio, Hashino’s dialogue with the community has clarified one of the game’s most significant departures from Persona— Metaphor: ReFantazio romance, or the lack thereof. While the paths of the heart will not be trodden within this tale of ascendency.

Players can anticipate a rich tapestry of leadership challenges and alliances that will shape their rise to the throne. Additionally, the legacy they will leave behind in the world of Metaphor.

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