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League of Legends vs Mobile Legends Which Is Better?

League of Legends vs Mobile Legends Which Is Better?

    Last Updated on January 25, 2023

League of Legends vs Mobile Legends. We can never argue how prestige a game is in the industry. However, for specific gaming communities, arguing about which game is better is the peak of community debate. 

But, this is the case between LoL and ML fans. For about two years, the neverending debate is up-to-date and active. 

One of the most prominent MOBA franchises is League of Legends, while the other is Mobile Legends. Having said that, they do share some similarities and differences that give them their unique traits.

The two games had a few thousand users back when they were first released. Fast-forward to today, growing to millions of players and garnering success. These games are part of the top dogs in the MOBA genre.

What is the League of Legends vs Mobile Legends Debate?

When we are fans of something, we tend to get defensive if someone may or may have copied from it. The debate also includes this ideology from both gaming communities.

Released in 2009, League of  Legends hoped to change the MOBA scene. It all started with Steve ‘Guinsoo’ Feak, the original creator of the Warcraft 3 mod, DOTA 1. The mod’s creation also includes Steve ‘Pendragon’ Mescon, administrator of the support base. They met with the newly established video game company Riot Games in 2005, then the concept for League of Legends was born.

The creation of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hoped to bring the MOBA experience to mobile. While it had its prime competitor, Vainglory, Mobile Legends garnered a few thousand downloads. Due to its availability and access, users would often choose Mobile Legends. They didn’t want to go to an internet cafe to play, as it saves time and money. 

As Mobile Legends rose to fame, so did their issues. In 2022, Riot Games filed a lawsuit against Moonton. The case was due to copyright infringement, with Riot Games claiming that Moonton copied parts of Riot Games’ League of Legends and Wild Rift titles.

Later on, the lawsuit filed by Riot Games and the League community defending the game sparked an undying back-and-forth exchange of trash talk and memeing calling out Mobile Legends as a copycat. 

The Mobile Legends community, on the other hand, focuses on the growth of their beloved game. They try to defend as well as they can, and as expected, they are ought to fight with league fans on every social media account they can find.

Image of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Why is this Debate Never-Ending?

Some say that the debate between the two communities will never end. We can expect new content to be released as the two games improve. It can be new champions, game modes, maps, or heck, maybe even character names. That is what’s making this feud eternal unless the fans make a peace treaty.

But even with the bad blood between the fans, some fans still love both. A lot of players claim they love playing the two games. They argue about not having to fight other players because each game has a different playstyle, and it just so happens that 5v5 MOBAs are very popular. 

They believe that Montoon also played a huge role in increasing the MOBA population. which is true because the majority of the users are based in the SEA region. Mobile Legends is a well-known game, and players often overlook the feud due to the game’s popularity, particularly at esports events.

Both are highly competitive games. Sure, maybe Moonton got inspiration from League and made a few mistakes in copying the competition. But with how Mobile Legends is built now compared to League of Legends, I can say they are now two different games. Bashing is never going to end; it’s part of the toxic side of the gaming community. We can still work through it and embrace everyone. 

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