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How to Record Videos in Steam Deck

How to Record Videos in Steam Deck

    Last Updated on May 21, 2024

In the gaming world, sharing your triumphs and epic gameplay moments has become a staple, yet the Steam Deck arrives without a native solution to record videos. No worries, though—you’re about to discover how a certain community-driven workaround brings video recording to your handheld device.


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Decky Loader: The Gateway to Recording on Steam Deck

To start recording your gaming highlights, you’ll first need the Decky Loader app, a community-created solution that lets you record videos on your Steam Deck. Let’s walk through the process of adding this application to your device:

  1. Press the Steam button below the left trackpad to access the main menu.
  2. Navigate to the Power option and enter Desktop Mode.
  3. Connect a keyboard and mouse for easier navigation and control.
  4. Open your preferred web browser.
  5. Visit the Decky Loader GitHub page and proceed to download the installer.
  6. Once downloaded, initiate the installation by double-clicking the file and selecting the recommended settings.
  7. After installation, revert to Gaming Mode to explore other useful plugins within Decky Loader.

Installing the Decky Recorder Plugin

The Decky Recorder plugin unlocks the ability to record videos on the Steam Deck. Follow these steps to install it:

  1. Press the Quick Access Menu (QAM) button beneath the right trackpad, marked by three dots.
  2. Look for a new plugin icon and click it to access the plugin menu.
  3. Tap the store symbol to open the Decky Loader store.
  4. Find the Decky Recorder plugin and select ‘Install’ to add it to your Steam Deck.

Recording Gameplay Videos with Decky Recorder

Now that you have the Decky Recorder, let’s set it up to record videos on your Steam Deck:

  1. Launch the Decky Loader app from your menu.
  2. Choose your video format: MP4, QuickTime (.mov), or Matroska (.mkv).
  3. Turn on Replay Mode in the settings.
  4. Select ‘Set Folder’ to decide where your videos will be saved; the default is /home/deck/Videos.
  5. To record, press the Steam and Start buttons simultaneously for a quick 30-second clip. For longer recordings, adjust the duration within the Decky Recorder plugin before you start your gaming session.

Capturing and Accessing Your Videos

Once you’ve captured your gaming prowess, you’ll want to view or share your videos. Switch back to Desktop Mode and use the Dolphin file manager to navigate to the Videos folder—your recorded clips will be waiting there for you.

Limitations and Creative Solutions

While Decky Recorder limits you to clips no longer than five minutes, you can combine multiple clips using a basic video editing program to create longer videos. This limitation shouldn’t curb your creativity—instead, let it challenge you to capture the essence of your gaming adventures in short, powerful moments.


You’re now equipped with the knowledge to record videos on your Steam Deck and immortalize your virtual victories. As the Steam Deck community continues to innovate, embrace these new tools, and start sharing your epic gameplay today.

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