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How to Get Stone of Malevolence Remnant 2

How to Get Stone of Malevolence Remnant 2

    Last Updated on February 3, 2024

In the action-packed world of Remnant 2, accessories like rings aren’t just for show. They’re game-changers that can give players a much-needed edge in battle. Among these game-changing items is the Stone of Malevolence in Remnant 2, a ring that significantly boosts your elemental damage, making it a must-have for any player looking to maximize their combat potential.


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The Power of Stone of Malevolence in Remnant 2

The Stone of Malevolence Remnant 2 isn’t just another trinket. This ring is a powerful asset that increases the Mod Power you gain by 15% when you deal elemental damage to enemies. This boost can mean the difference between victory and defeat in the heat of battle. This makes the Stone of Malevolence a sought-after item for players aiming to enhance their arsenal.

Searching in the Losomn Region

Stone of Malevolence Remnant 2

To lay your hands on the Stone of Malevolence in Remnant 2, set your sights on the mysterious Losomn Region. This area is key to your quest, but be warned—the ring doesn’t have a fixed location.

The ring is known to spawn randomly, so keen observation and a bit of luck are required. Focus your search on areas like Morrow Parish, Forsaken Quarter, Gilded Chambers, and The Great Hall, where the ring is more likely to appear.

Recognizing the Stone of Malevolence

As you traverse the Losomn Region, keep your eyes peeled for a distinctive purple glow—that’s the telltale sign of the Stone of Malevolence Remnant 2 lying in wait. This radiant beacon amidst the gloom makes the ring stand out, so watch for that glow as you explore the nooks and crannies of the region.

If fortune doesn’t smile upon you and the Stone of Malevolence eludes your grasp on the first pass, don’t lose heart. The world of Remnant 2 allows you to reroll the campaign, refreshing your chances of uncovering this elusive ring. Repeat your explorations, and with persistence, the Stone of Malevolence will eventually be yours.

A Path to the Stone of Malevolence Remnant 2

For those seeking a more direct route to the Stone of Malevolence, there’s a path you can follow. Starting at the Big Statue in the Losomn Region, head right until you spot a glowing door. Navigate through the door, turn left, and follow the passage to its end. There, in a room, you’ll find a corpse and, if luck is on your side, the Stone of Malevolence beside it.


The Stone of Malevolence is an invaluable asset in Remnant 2, offering a significant boost to players who harness elemental damage. By following the guidance provided, you’ll increase your chances of finding this powerful ring.

Remember, the path to power in Remnant 2 is fraught with challenges. However, with the Stone of Malevolence in your possession, you’ll be well-equipped to face whatever lies ahead.

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