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How to Get Knight’s Lightning Spear in Elden Ring DLC

How to Get Knight’s Lightning Spear in Elden Ring DLC

    Last Updated on June 30, 2024

Lightning aficionados in the Elden Ring community, rejoice! The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has electrified your arsenal with the addition of the Knight’s Lightning Spear in the Elden Ring DLC. A new Incantation that channels the storm’s fury into a formidable projectile followed by tracing bolts. This guide illuminates the path to acquiring this spell, enhancing your build with its thunderous might.

Ascending Your Arsenal: Knight’s Lightning Spear Overview

The Knight’s Lightning Spear in Elden Ring DLC stands out among its brethren of lightning spells by offering a multi-projectile onslaught with trailing bolts that seek out foes. If lightning spells are your calling, this new addition is sure to catch your attention:

  • Primary Effect: Launches a primary Lightning projectile
  • Secondary Effect: Four additional projectiles track targets
  • Damage Potential: Deals heavy damage
  • Suitability: Ideal for Lightning build enthusiasts

Now let’s delve into where and how you can claim this power for yourself.

Locating the Scorpion River Catacombs

Your quest to secure the Knight’s Lightning Spear in Elden Ring DLC will take you deep into the perilous Scorpion River Catacombs. Begin by navigating to the following key locations:

  1. Start at the Moorth Ruins Site of Grace and head northwest to the ravine.
  2. Find the Ancient Ruins Base Site of Grace.
  3. Follow the ravine southwest towards the Temple Town Ruins.
  4. Head north to the Ravine North Site of Grace.
  5. Continue westward along the river until you reach the catacomb’s entrance.

Navigating the Catacombs

Upon entering the Scorpion River Catacombs, prepare to face numerous Imps and the deadly gaze of Basilisk statues that will inflict Deathblight upon you. Here’s your strategy to reach the coveted spell:

  1. Make your way to the first Stake of Marika and pause.
  2. Retreat to the long hall and spot the Basilisk statue across the area.
  3. Sneak along the ledge to the right, circumventing the statue’s deadly stare.
  4. Enter the passage, confront two Imps, and claim your prize.

Integrating Knight’s Lightning Spear into Your Build

With the Knight’s Lightning Spear in hand, it’s time to bolster your Lightning build to harness its full potential. Consider these synergistic gear options:

  • Talisman: Lightning Scorpion Charm
  • Armor Set: Death’s Knight Set (boosts Dragon Cult Incantations by 8%)
  • Seal: Dragon Communion Seal

Employ the Lightning-Shrouded Cracked Tear during pivotal battles to deliver the electrifying final blow to your adversaries.


Embrace the tempest and let the Knight’s Lightning Spear in Elden Ring DLC revolutionize your approach in combat. With this guide, you’re not only equipped to navigate the treacherous paths to power but also to weave this mighty Incantation into the fabric of your build, unleashing its wrath upon the denizens of Elden Ring. Take up this spell, Tarnished, and let lightning reign as your steadfast ally.

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