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How to Get Fighter Currency in Multiversus

How to Get Fighter Currency in Multiversus

    Last Updated on May 31, 2024

In MultiVersus, gearing up your character arsenal is crucial, and that’s where Fighter Currency steps in. Unlike other premium in-game currencies, Fighter Currency lets you unlock new characters without reaching for your wallet.

However, you may find it a grind to accumulate. Don’t fret; you’re about to get schooled on the nifty ways to earn Fighter Currency in MultiVersus quickly, so you can expand your fighter lineup with ease.

Earning Through Battle Pass Progression

Your ticket to a hefty Fighter Currency balance in MultiVersus is through diligent battle pass progression. Look out for those missions doling out Fighter Currency as you climb the tiers. Focus on those, and the numbers will start adding up before you know it.

Maximizing Fighter Mastery

One of the smartest moves you can make to rack up Fighter Currency in MultiVersus is to play the field—try different characters and push each to new mastery heights. Each character gives a Fighter Currency boost when reaching specific mastery levels. Here’s the quick scoop:

Fighter Mastery Levels and Rewards:

  • Level 5: Earn 100 Fighter Currency
  • Level 10: Earn 200 Fighter Currency
  • Level 14: Earn 300 Fighter Currency

By diversifying your gameplay with various characters, you’ll not only enjoy a richer gaming experience but also fill your digital pockets along the way.

Player Tier Rewards

Don’t overlook the gains you can make by pushing up your player tier level in MultiVersus. Though perhaps a slower burn compared to other methods, it’s a steady way to accumulate Fighter Currency in MultiVersus. Make sure to visit the Career tab now and then to track your progress and claim your earnings.

Broadening Fighter Store Access

As you collect Fighter Currency in MultiVersus, you unlock the ability to acquire more fighters from the Fighter Store. This, in turn, fuels your potential to earn more mastery rewards, creating a virtuous circle of Fighter Currency earning potential.

Approach it as a long-term strategy, and soon, you’ll have a diverse cast of characters at your command, each contributing to your growing stash of Fighter Currency.


So there you have it—a rundown of how you can feasibly bolster your balance of Fighter Currency in MultiVersus. Remember that playing through the battle pass, mastering various fighters, and climbing the player tiers are your keys to earning this invaluable currency.

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