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How to Defeat the Armored Core 6 Sea Spider Boss

How to Defeat the Armored Core 6 Sea Spider Boss

    Last Updated on January 2, 2024

Armored Core 6 is an action-packed game filled with mechas and difficult bosses. One of the bosses in Armored Core 6 that will give you a challenge is the encounter with the Sea Spider Boss. As you journey through the game, the Sea Spider emerges as a creation of the “Institute”. The Sea Spider boss guards the path to the Cargo Launcher in the final mission of chapter 2.

With its swift movements and diverse attacks, this boss poses a test for players seeking victory in Armored Core 6. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive Armored Core 6 Sea Spider Boss Guide.


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Strategies for Fighting the Sea Spider in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Sea Spider Boss

The Armored Core 6 Sea Spider Boss presents a threat with its array of attacks across two distinct phases. In Phase 1, the Spider relies on energy weapons. While in motion, the rotating barrage of lasers will execute, and when stationary, it will perform concentrated bursts.

You must do your best to evade these attacks, utilizing quick boosts to evade and maneuver effectively. Additionally, the Sea Spider charges a devastating beam attack that sweeps through horizontally or vertically. Staying on the move is important, as the Spider rains bolts down from above, demanding constant evasion.

To evade the rotating barrage, sticking close to the Sea Spider Boss is the best option. With the charged beam attack, use quick boosts to evade quickly left or right. However, be careful when the Spider moves close to you because it has a high damage melee attack to cut you down.

Transitioning into Phase 2 occurs when the Sea Spider’s health goes down to around one-third. It takes flight, spinning, and unleashing a devastating laser blast from its core. You must be prepared to evade quickly, utilizing aerial maneuvers or timing your jumps to evade this devastating attack.

Meanwhile, the Spider deploys spinning leg blades and continues its onslaught with laser fire. You can dodge this attack by simply going above the Spider while it does this attack. This requires constant movement and strategic positioning for survival.

Equip yourself adequately to tackle the Sea Spider Boss. The recommended build for this fight is a build that can give you a considerable amount of speed. Tetrapod Legs provide air superiority, enabling players to rain attacks from above. The Tetrapod Legs are especially effective during Phase 2.

Alternatively, Reverse Joint Legs on a lightweight AC can be viable. However, it keeps the player more grounded and vulnerable to certain attacks. Speed proves advantageous in this encounter, allowing players to evade and react promptly.

Exploiting the Sea Spider’s vulnerability to ACS Strain is paramount. Load up with SONGBIRDS grenade launchers or a 10-cell missile launcher on the AC’s shoulders to stagger the Spider. Pair this with explosive weaponry for maximum damage upon staggering. Use melee attacks like Laser Blades or Pile Bunkers to capitalize on vulnerable moments.

Maximize your advantage by focusing on ACS Strain and staggering the Sea Spider boss. Exploit opportunities to strike, staggering the boss with explosives, then switching to melee combat for heightened damage output. Execute advanced maneuvers, maintaining a balance between offense and defense throughout both phases of the encounter.

Here is a great example of a build you can use for the fight:

Right Arm44-414 JVLN ALPHA
Right ShoulderSONGBIRDS
Left ShoulderSONGBIRDS
GeneratorDF-GN-06 MING-TANG


Conquering the Armored Core 6 Sea Spider Boss demands meticulous preparation, adaptability, and strategic utilization of loadouts and maneuvers. To win against the tough enemy, players must learn to dodge, find weaknesses, and make accurate attacks.

To defeat the Sea Spider in Armored Core 6, you need to plan effectively. In addition, you must act swiftly and exploit the boss’s weaknesses. Prepare your load-outs, hone your combat skills, and brace yourself for one of the most exciting challenges within the game.

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