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How to Catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go

How to Catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go

    Last Updated on March 29, 2023

Want to catch Legendary Pokemon on the go in Pokemon Go? It sounds fairly easy enough, but it is harder than it sounds. Legendary Pokemon remains one of the most popular creatures to catch in the game.

Trainers want Legendaries for their unique abilities and powerful moves. In Pokemon GO, these elusive Pokemon are not always found on the streets while going on a friendly stroll. It is called Legendary for a reason. If it were that easy, then it would not be fun or worth it anymore.

There are a few different ways How to catch legendary pokemon in Pokemon GO. However, you cannot find all the legendaries using the same method. 

If you got to this part of the article, then you must want to know how to catch those mythical creatures. Be it for bragging rights or simply using them for destroying the other trainers, we got you covered in this guide.

There are a few Legendary Pokemon you can catch without Legendary Raid participation. For Legendaries that you can acquire without raids, you can play Special Research Quests, fight Giovanni of Team Go Rocket, or occasionally find a Legendary or two in the wild.

Catch Legendaries From Special Research Quests

Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO

You can catch some of the Legendary Pokemon in Special Research Quests. Six of them are available for players to catch this way, namely: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Meltan, Genesect, and Regigas, 

Mew was the first Legendary players could catch via a quest called “A Mythical Discovery.” There are no other ways to catch Mew, and you still have to play the same quest to catch this particular Pokemon.

Celebi is currently available by playing through the Special Research Quest called “A Ripple In Time.”

Jirachi’s Special Research Quest is called “Pokemon GO: A Thousand Year Slumber.” The quest was initially available in Pokemon GO Fest 2019. Today, anyone who beats this quest will be able to catch Jirachi.

While Meltan and Melmetal are Mythical Pokemon, you can find them by completing the Special Research Quest called “Let’s GO, Meltan.”

You could catch Genesect if you participated in the ticketed Special Research Quest called “Pokemon GO: A Drive to Investigate.” While the tickets are not available anymore, you can still beat the quest if you did not do so before.

“Pokemon GO: A Colossal Discovery” was the only way to get Regigigas. Similar to Genesect’s quest, the tickets are long gone. If you had one from before, you could still complete the quest and catch Regigigas today.

Catch Legendary Pokemon by Beating Giovanni

With a Super Rocket Radar, you can locate Giovanni himself. However, it does not bring you straight to Giovanni, as a few Grunts are disguising themselves as Giovanni to throw you off.

Giovanni’s Shadow Legendary Pokemon and second-party member changes every month, like his latest Special Research Quest. After you find out what Pokemon he will use, it is time to formulate your team to counter his. 

The best advice is to bring along Pokemon that counter his first two. By doing so, you can save your Shadow Legendary counter for the last ready-to-fight. With your Shadow Legendary counter ready, you will have an easier time catching the Legendary. 

You have limited time to catch every Shadow Legendary Giovanni brings out. This is because every so often, he swaps out one Legendary for another.

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