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How Many Levels in Overcooked 2?

How Many Levels in Overcooked 2?

    Last Updated on January 5, 2024

Welcome to the world of Overcooked 2, the action-packed sequel where kitchen nightmares and culinary chaos reign supreme. As players embark on this adventure, one question often bubbles to the surface: “How Many Levels in Overcooked 2?”

Whether you’re a solo chef or one part of a dynamic cooking duo, you will enjoy the game equally. This article will serve up the answer to how many levels in Overcooked 2, so tie on your aprons, and let’s get cooking.


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The Main Course: Base Levels of Overcooked 2

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At the core of Overcooked 2’s gameplay experience are the base levels, where most of the slicing, dicing, and teamwork take place. Each of the six distinct worlds presents a fresh batch of six levels, bringing the question “How Many Levels in Overcooked 2?” into focus. These worlds will bring about a satisfying answer of 36 main stages.

These levels whisk players away on a journey across kitchens of increasing complexity. Moreover, there will be new recipes that challenge your culinary skills.

A Side of Challenges: The Kevin Levels

Adding to the main serving, Overcooked 2 dishes out a side of secret levels affectionately known as ‘Kevin Levels.’ Named after the game’s adorable canine companion, these levels are unlocked by performing specific actions or reaching certain benchmarks within the standard levels.

As hidden gems, they provide an extra layer of challenge and intrigue for those looking to fully satisfy their hunger for the answer to “How Many Levels in Overcooked 2?”

Progression and Difficulty Scaling in Overcooked 2

In the quest to become a top chef, star collections are the basis of progression in Overcooked 2. Each level can award up to three stars, depending on your performance. As the game progresses, the difficulty increases, and the star requirements for unlocking new levels and worlds increase.

This can turn even the most confident chefs into meticulous planners. All in the pursuit of answering “How Many Levels in Overcooked 2?” with the pride of full completion.

Approximate Game Length and Replayability

When you first tackle Overcooked 2, you might breeze through levels, spending roughly 10 minutes per stage to snag that one star necessary for moving forward. However, the true flavor of the game isn’t just about beating levels—it’s about mastering them.

For completionists who relish the challenge, replaying levels for the maximum three-star rating is where the answer to “How Many Levels in Overcooked 2?” becomes a quest for perfection. This extends the game’s length significantly, as you hone your skills and strategies for each unique kitchen setup.

The Throne Room: A Hub for Culinary Heroes

After every set of levels, players are called back to the Throne Room. The room is a central hub that not only serves as a brief respite from the kitchen chaos but also pushes the story forward. These intermissions are an integral part of the game. Weaving a narrative through your culinary conquests and adding a dash of context to the overall gameplay experience.


In conclusion, if you want to quantify your quest in Overcooked 2, you’ll find 36 delectable levels and seven Kevin levels to seek out. But numbers alone don’t capture the essence of the game. It’s the joy, the frustration, and the exhilarating victory of a well-earned three-star rating.

The game is all about the countless laughs, strategies devised on the fly, and the memories made in the kitchen battlegrounds. So, sharpen your knives and ready your reflexes—Overcooked 2 is ready to put your chef’s mettle to the test.

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