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Hifumi Togo Romance Guide Persona 5 Royal

Hifumi Togo Romance Guide Persona 5 Royal

    Last Updated on December 16, 2023

Persona 5 Royal offers players a diverse cast of characters to build relationships with, and one intriguing confidant is Hifumi Togo. Hifumi Togo, a classmate of Joker and his crew, was initially intended to be a Phantom Thief herself but evolved into a meaningful NPC. In this guide, we will walk you through all the choices you need to pick to romance Hifumi Togo in Persona 5 Royal.

Representing the Star arcana in the velvet room, Hifumi Togo’s confidant path presents captivating opportunities for players to deepen their connections within the game.


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Getting to Know Hifumi Togo

Hifumi Togo is found at Kanda Church, accessible during the nighttime. It’s optional to visit, but initiating a relationship with her requires a rank 3 (suave) charm post Kaneshiro’s Bank heist. Building rapport with Hifumi Togo boosts the Knowledge social stat, making it beneficial for players to engage with her.

The exchange of gifts can significantly impact the relationship with Hifumi Togo. Choosing presents like the Incense Set, Sakura Fan, Black Mug, Fountain Pen, or the romantic Rose Bouquet can strengthen the bond and elicit unique responses.

Romance Guide Hifumi Togo Persona 5 Royal

Interacting with Hifumi Togo progresses through various ranks, each unlocking new abilities and conversation choices. These choices, such as discussing shogi, past experiences, or expressing encouragement, influence the confidant rank progression. You can find her in the church at Kanda, and an in-game event will point you her way, though going there is optional. She’s there at night.

Rank 1:

  • You’ll need to have completed the Kaneshiro’s Bank heist. 
  • After 6/25, visit Kanda Church and talk to the girl towards the front. To start the cooperation you’ll need at least rank 3 charm, otherwise she’ll just ignore you.
  • Unlocks Koma Sabaki, which lets you swap out party members on the fly mid-battle whenever it’s Joker’s turn.
  • Would you like to exchange IDs with me? There’s no obligation, of course…
    • Option 3: “Lucky me.” +3
    • Option 1: “Sure.” +2
    • Option 2: “I guess we can.” +2

Rank 2:

  • It’s as if I assume the role of a queen of a kingdom.
    • Option 1: “That’s interesting.” +2
  • Um, well, I’m doing a photoshoot for one…
    • Option 3: “But you don’t want to, right?” +2.

Increases your Knowledge stat.

Rank 3:

  • Did you see it…? It was called ‘The Venus of Shogi’…
    • Option 1: “Describes you perfectly.” +2
  • It’s as if she wants to be the manager of a celebrity.
    • Option 2: “Having a difficult time?” +2
  • Phone Call (P5R): How can I teach you properly when I’m this distressed…?
    • Option 1: “Bring it on.” +2

Unlocks Uchikomi, giving your non-present allies a chance to drop in for an extra attack after an enemy is downed. Also Hifumi Togo increases your Knowledge Social Stat.

Rank 4

  • She’s my senior… I defeated her in a recent title match.
    • Option 1: “I didn’t mind.” +2
    • Option 3: “Must’ve been the katsu curry.” +2
  • What do you think about them?
    • Option 2: “They’re cool.” +2
  • Phone Call (P5R): Really, I would be delighted to do this again.​​​​​​​
    • Option 1: “I’d love to.” +2
    • Option 3: “Where shall we go next?” +2

Unlocks the Book Town location, and provides another boost to your Knowledge stat.

Rank 5

  • I apologize. That must have been quite a shock.
    • Option 2: “She’s scary.” +2
  • But it’s honestly quite difficult for me.
    • Option 2: “You should stop then.” +2
  • Phone Call: She didn’t mean to offend you at all. I hope you’ll accept my apology in her place.
    • Option 2: “You’ve got a lot to deal with.” +2

Unlocks Kakoi Kuzushi, which allows you to attempt to escape from battle even when enemies have you surrounded. Also, Hifumi Togo raises your Knowledge stat.

Rank 6:

  • So now she’s even more insistent on having me do more TV and magazine interviews than before…
    • Option 2: “Is that frustrating?” +2
  • Maybe I should stop playing shogi and just get a job… That way, my family won’t get hurt again…
    • Option 3: “Do what you love.” +2
    • Option 1: “Do you still like shogi?” +2
  • Phone Call (P5R): Considering how good a listener you are, I mean.
    • Option 2: “You’re imagining things.” +2

Unlocks the Sky Tower Location if you’ve never visited it before, and as ever boosts your Knowledge.

Rank 7:

  • ..I confess I am a bit scared, though.
    • Option 3: “It may all come down to luck.” +3
    • Option 1: “That’s almost a relief.” +2
  • I have to show them what I’m made of!
    • Option 2: “I believe in you.” +3
    • Option 1: “Give it your all.” +2

Unlocks Narikin, a chance to get double money if you win the battle in one full party turn after an ambush.

Rank 8:

Requires rank 5 knowledge to continue increasing the confidant rank of Hifumi Togo. 

  • That way, I can use the weekly magazine’s popularity against them and instantly become famous.
    • ​​​​Option 1: “That won’t work.” +2

Afterward, a request for Mementos is unlocked: Upstaging the Stage Mother. Complete the Upstaging the Stage Mother sidequest, then return to Hifumi to continue this rank

  • Perhaps they eavesdropped on our conversation?
    • Option 3: “I’m glad her heart changed.” +3
    • Option 1: “Maybe…” +2

Rank 9:

This is the point when a romance with Hifumi Togo becomes available in Persona 5 Royal.

  • I’m going to win… with these very hands.
    • Option 1: “Give it all you got.” +2
  • I didn’t want to hurt the pieces any longer..
    • Option 3: “A very queenly decision.” +3
  • …So this is goodbye.
    • Friendship – Option 1: “I want to become stronger.”
    • Romance – Option 2: “I want to stay by your side.”
  • Choice 3 (if “I want to stay by your side.” selected):
    • Romance – Option 1: “I want us to date.”
    • Friendship – Option 2: “We’ll be friends forever.”

Unlocks Touryou, removing the need to wait before you can escape from battle.

Rank 10:

  • Any choices you make will be irrelevant, since this is the max rank.
  • Unlocks Togo System, allowing you to switch in and out party members during any party member’s turn.
  • Unlocks Lucifer for fusion.


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Romance Option with Hifumi Togo

Players have the option to pursue a romantic relationship with Hifumi Togo. Certain conversation choices, expressing support, understanding, or affection, pave the way for a romantic connection. The dynamics between friendship and romance with Hifumi Togo add depth to the gameplay experience.

Maximizing the Confidant Relationship

Strategically approaching the confidant relationship involves maximizing the benefits of the Knowledge stat boosts offered by Hifumi Togo. Planning interactions with her while holding a Star arcana Persona enhances the relationship’s development.

Gifts for Hifumi Togo

Choosing the right gifts plays a crucial role in nurturing the relationship. The Incense Set, Sakura Fan, Black Mug, Fountain Pen, or the Rose Bouquet are among the most effective presents that positively impact the confidant rank with Hifumi Togo.

Hifumi Togo’s confidant path in Persona 5 Royal is an engaging journey filled with meaningful interactions and strategic choices. Building a relationship with her not only unlocks valuable abilities but also adds depth and enjoyment to the overall gaming experience.

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